14.5 Recap

Yes, the open is long over….this post has taken me a long time because I am pretty sure it scared me for life. We all knew it would be thrusters and burpees; however, we had no idea it would be 19 million of them.  I really believe Dave Castro is the spawn of satan.  I was determined to finish.  Here is the WOD:



I’ve heard of the metaphorical “pain cave” and I found it.  My burpees by mid way through looked like belly flops…it was bad like someone in the gym at one point yelled “Good plan!  Save your arms for the thrusters…”  It sucked.  It took me 30 minutes to get off the floor, I was white as a ghost, and felt like hell for 27, yes 27 hours.  I don’t know why this WOD attempted to kill me but it did a fine job.  Don’t believe me?  This is what I looked like right after….notice how pale and not red I am.



I was not in a good place.  Around midnight I turned bright red…it was like delayed onset death.  I ate paleo oatmeal for dinner because it took everything I had to stand up that long.  My time was 25:58.  Not good people…but I didn’t die.  Thats what the open is about is it not?  Pushing yourself, not dying, and finishing.  This is how I felt right before I peeled myself off the floor (only to go lay down on the turf at the gym) and I realized they were taking my picture.

IMG_5507Yup…I am classy.  Overall I finished around 62%.  Gives me something to beat next year.  Here are my rankings both in the region and world wide.

IMG_5591 IMG_5590

I will never, ever, ever do 14.5 again.  No matter what…mark my words!  What are you thoughts on the open?  Do you have any horror stories?  Successes?  Goals for next year?

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14.4 Recap

Yeah yeah, I know…day late…dollar short.  Better late then never…right?  So 14.4 was announced and immediately I went to panic because of course I’ve strung like 2 toes to bar together every.  Here is what the WOD is:

14.4-Workout-DetailsSo my initial thoughts… rowing…great! Toes to bar…screwed.  I would be pumped if I got off toes to bar, because at that point I could crank wallballs and put up a decent score.  My plan was to WOD Friday with option of re-do on Monday.

I got up Friday morning and had been greeted with a nasty sinus issue.  As in I was a snot factory (sexy huh?), and I felt like crap, and couldn’t breathe.  I decided I would still do the WOD since if it got worse over the weekend I was totally screwed come Monday.

I got on the rower and it took me 3:30….I am a decent rower but not being able to breathe probably added a good 30 seconds onto this.  I got 3 toes to bar out of the gate.  WOOO!  There was hope.  Well, fast forward to my 16th rep and the worst thing ever started to happen…my hands were shot and starting to get baby tears.  Well, by rep 25 I looked like this (and I had already wiped a good amount of blood off by this pic)

image-3Holy hell people!  I have never torn and that shit sucks.  It hurt…water hurt…dumping peroxide hurt…digging out the skin that I embedded into my hand (because I refused to give up blood running everywhere or not) hurt!  Little to say I didn’t get to the wall.  I did get 41 toes to bar which I will take!

When I got up Saturday I was feeling better (ish), but my hands fully cleaned out hurt like a mother effer!  There were 3 clear and deep tears.

image-4Little to say re-doing 14.4 on Monday was not going to be an option.  I wanted to soooo bad.  The coaches talked me out of it because if it re tore open I was going to be screwed for 14.5.  So I took my 101 score, torn hands, and went home!

While, I don’t love I didn’t make it to the wall I got 41 toes to bar!  That is a first, certainly not a last!  Stubborn me will be re-doing this WOD in a  month or so.

**14.5 post coming in the next day I promise!**



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14.3 Recap

Lets back up to Thursday afternoon for a minute.  Standing there with one of the gym girls we had this conversation:

MMC: Wathca hopin for tonight?
Me: Well Ashely and I go head to head so I’d pay big money for a heavy deadlift/deadlift ladder and box jumps.
MMC: DL ladder is unlikely…but good wishful thinking.

Fast forward 3 hours later to announcement: DL ladder and box jumps!!  14.3

I am pretty sure I looked like a cross between a kid on Christmas morning and someone who just won the lottery.  I was sitting on the rower starting to get warm and about peed myself from excitement.  All I kept saying is “THIS IS MY JAM!!”.  Seriously, who needs pre-workout with that kind of rush?! I am pretty sure I looked like this:

excited kid 1

Ashley and I were the two going head to head this week and we’d been talking about it all day.  Very special conversations but all in good fun.  So we got to it and busted it out!  Here is the video.   Feel free to check us out.  I started with no real plan (other then pick up some shit, and step on that box).  I knew step-ups would be faster which is why I was going to step.  How hard could it be? HA!  I was so happy when I started…see
IMG_5351 Then I got progressively a little less happy and a little more in pain…



Thats when the fun ended!  I ended with 106 reps, which is 16 reps into that 185 deadlift.  I was less then happy.  I had no game plan.  My back locked up on rep 3 of the 185′s.  Notice the serious arch in my back on the floor while attempting to lay flat…I was clearly in a real good place.


Logical thing to do?  Give my back 2 days off, go easy on Sunday, and re-do Monday.  Thankfully, one of our rockstar coaches and I strategized on Friday night for more hours then I care to admit.  I had a better weight stacking plan, a better overall game plan, and my back was feeling decent.  The agreement I had with myself and a certain someone who was overly concerned I was being stupid was that as soon as my form went to hell on the DL I would pull the plug and stop woding.

Well it didn’t go to hell.  I got back on the bar for the 185 DLs 40 seconds ahead of when I did it Thursday night and ended with 118 reps.  I was hell bent on getting through that set and back to that box and I got 3 box jumps.  I’ll take that all day!

IMG_5388See the form difference from the picture above.  Much better place this go around.  Lesson learned…have a plan.  I suspect this will be my best workout of the open and I am fine with that.  Those 12 extra reps bumped me a few hundred spots in the region and put me in the top 50%.  Secretly, Id really like to land there but its questionable at best.


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14.2 Recap

14.2 people…OHS and Chest to Bar.  Know what I suck at?  OHS….know what I can’t do…pull ups.  Sounds real fun huh?


We will get to that.  Our gym has decided to do a new thing on release night.  We watch the release, watch the badass’ do it, then two of our people do it!  How cool right.  20 minutes notice…head to head.  Two of our guys went this week and it was real fun to watch.  One of our guys tore up his hands.  Like blood everywhere kinda hot mess.  Wanna see?

photo 1

These were post clean up.  They are deep….he got 131 reps.  Pretty awesome.  One of our girls got 187…it was amazing!  I got to count for her; did I mention how badass she is?  I also counted for our box owner on Friday.  He never, ever, ever lays down after a WOD.  He will take a knee, he will walk it off, he will NOT lay down.  Guess what happened after 14.2?

photo 2Notice Spud our gym dog checking out the issue.  This did not give me great hope for doing well the next morning.  I spent Friday working on kipping progressions (it was scheduled…nothing to do with the WOD).  Yup, got a baby tear but all was fine.

Saturday morning I went to the gym early and had a great friend/coach coming to count.  It took me 1:10 to get the OHS.  I had to dump the bar twice.  Not my finest performance.  I then went to hop up on the bar and tanked on the chest to bar.  Lets be real there was little shot but I tried and thats what I could do.  I was going to take my 10 and be happy with it.

I wod’d Sunday as normal with squat progressions; and then went to the gym Monday afternoon.  I did Mondays WOD (6 rounds: 15 DL #95, 10 BJ, 5 Push Press #95), then I went for a run, then I took a cool down walk with one of the girls and a baby, and went back and chugged my protein because I was starving.  Then did I not being an idiot jump up on the bar and get a chest to bar!!  Imagine my surprise.  At 7:20pm (40 minutes before scores had to be in) I decided to do 14.2 again.  So post all of those things you bet your ass I got my lifters on, yelled for a judge, and got to it.  I dumped the first OHS (bad!), but pulled off the next 10 in about 55 seconds.  I then managed to get 2 chest to bar.  Bumping my score to a 12!  You have never seen someone fight so hard for a chest to bar in your life.  I pretty much did them strict since the kipping was messing me up.


That 12 bumped me 167 spots in the region.  How crazy is that?! You should have seen the happy dancing after I got that first one.  Ill take my 12 any day!  I’ve heard a lot of bitching and whining about the open being too hard, too skill intense, blah blah blah.  People it is supposed to be hard.  You’re suppose to have to fight for it.  How many people couldn’t do a single double under before 14.1?  How many people got their first chest to bar in 14.2?  Or their first OHS at #95/#65?  Its about progress.  Its about trying.  Its not about bitching and complaining.  Use it as a bench mark and give it all you’ve got!  I currently sit 3,453/5,101 in the region, and 42,960/63,301.  I will take that all day.  Do you know why?  Because I know I’ve given both of these workouts 150%.

Moral of the story…get out there…kick butt…rock it as hard as YOU can!  Don’t compare yourself to everyone else.  Do it for you.  Call it a benchmark.  Call it what you want.  Just rock out!


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Open Schedule & Things

I really like my 3 on 1 off schedule.  Its done wonders for me.  I actually feel recovered and am not afraid to push real hard for those 3 days knowing an off day is coming.  However, there are only a few short days a week you can do the open WODs.  I am sticking to my schedule as best as humanly possible.  For example, today is an off day.  I will do the open WOD in the morning, do regular team WOD, then my scheduled lift.  Sunday Ill light WOD and do some mobility with a bit of bonus running or rowing (weather pending…).  Monday I may re-do 14.2 or just the regular WOD for the gym.  Lets be real my 14.2 score isn’t going to be great but thats a post for Monday.


Ideally, I’d like to do the open WOD on Friday with the option to re-do Sunday/Monday.  However, I’d rather stick with the schedule my body is used to and figure it out.  This week happens to be the only week that my rest day falls on a Friday for the rest of the open.  Woooo!  I am a routine kinda gal…Its good for me…thus, I am sticking to it!

As far as my eating I have been “super paleo” since the 2nd week of January.  AKA no cheating, no drinking, excessive amounts of water, more veggies, and sticking to the 1600/2000 calorie plan.  Yes, I know counting calories isn’t a paleo thing….it is for me because its how I roll.  I’ve also been getting as close as possible with 40/30/30 (protein, carbs, fat) and generally doing well.  I’ve also been good about not making paleo sweets.  I love them….in a eat a whole batch of cookies kinda way.  I think in 2 months I’ve now had 1 paleo cookie and only because someone brought them to the gym.


Its helping…and I feel good.  Oh, and this morning I slipped easily into my size 10 jeans from before I got married (when by the way I weighed 15 pounds less then I do now).  BOOOO YA!  Take that stupid scale!  I also went and bought new work dresses the other day and all size 10.  BAM!  I was a “14″ but probably more of a 16 because it was getting squishy in those 14′s in November.  I will take it any day.  Since we moved I never even unpacked the scale.  I will admit I hop on the one at the gym but it no longer pisses me off, because its not about the number.  Size 10 people….and theres room…way more then last time I got these bad boys on.



Until Monday…may 14.2 be good to you.  Tape up so you don’t tear (Ill have some good pics of this for you Monday…saw worst tears I’ve ever seen last night).  Squat deep.  And remember everyone who didn’t have doubles last week, get up on that bar and try like hell for chest to bar….you’ll never get it if you don’t try.  Ill be right there trying with you!

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The Crossfit Open


It is upon us party people!  14.1 is in the books.  What?! You don’t know what the open is?!  Its pretty much 5 weeks of workouts that qualifies people for regionals, which qualifies them for the Crossfit games, which is what you see on tv.  There are a crap ton of people who do the open.  Its “fun” and lets you see where you measure up world wide against everyone else who signed up.  Need more details about the logistics?  Go here!


The workout is released on Thursdays at 8pm EST.  Its big news.  Our box all sit around and watch it like little kids about to open a present.  They tell you the workout then 2 of the best go head to head and do the WOD.  Its pretty bad ass.  Then you have until Monday at 8pm EST to log your score.  That means its 4 days of getting a game plan, trying to the best you can, figuring out if you want to do it again, and generally being mind fucked by the workout.  Let me break down my last 4 days.

Thursday 740pm sitting on the gym floor, exact words out of my mouth “Zack…my snatch sucks can we work on it at some point after 14.1 because we know its gonna show up?”  He complies because he’s the bomb like that.

Thursday 8pm workout released.  It is:

About 15 minutes later I realize the snatch isn’t the issue its going to be that on a really good day I can string 8-10 double unders, and on the other 361 days a year I can get 1 or 2.  The frustrate me and the suck.  My game plan quickly becomes do the WOD Friday and be done.

Friday morning I get up and go to work early so I can do the WOD at 12 since my morning buddy had to work.  Get to the box and by some miracle string some good sets together (10, 15, 17, 10, you get me).  Pick put the rope for the WOD…best string 15…it happened once.  Then it went less then well.  I got 136 Friday at noon.  Friday afternoon I go back to the box to help count and score people and I string a bunch of good sets together.  One of the girls beats me by 1 rep.  I instantly decide I am doing that it again.   Did I mention I tore my arms up?


Saturday I regular team WOD’d.  Don’t worry it had double unders and I had some good strings.  Did I mention that both Friday and Saturday night I was having nightmares of double unders and barely slept?  Ridiculous huh?  Like woke up twitching and am reasonably sure that it was because I was “practicing” in my sleep.  I actually considered sleeping with a jump rope …. seriously people…you can’t make this shit up!

Sunday a crew of us met at the box at 2pm.  We WOD’d our butts off.  I got 11 reps better for a score of 147.  By about Sunday at 8pm I felt like I’d been run over by a mack truck.  Is it the best score ever…hell to the no.  Will I take it…not much choice!  My arms are destroyed and one of the girls at the box said it best when she told me I “looked like the after from 50 shades of grey”.  Sounds about right!  Sacrifices people.


The best girl score world wide was 472. That my friends is madness.  As far as eating I am being super paleo, no drinking, etc.  I am keeping as best to my schedule as possible.  Im planning a longer post on those things this week!  Now for 3 days of calm before 14.2 is released!  I also plan to update every Monday night on the results of that weeks open WOD.  Currently I am 44,810 out of 71,317 world wide; and 3,527 out of 5,654 in my region.

Are you doing the open?  How’d you do?  What are you doing to get ready?  What is your strategy?

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Recipes I love!

I get asked all the time..what are your favorite paleo recipes?  Shit, if I know people….I don’t know what you like.  I know what I like, I know what hubs likes (or what he’s going to eat because I cook), I know what I don’t like…but I do not know what you want to eat!  So I usually respond with a few good websites and then the counter response is “Well what is good on there?”.  People click around….if it looks tasty make it.  Thats what I do.  But hey, I am here to be helpful so I have compiled a list of the top 10 things I am digging right now.  These are in no order and I’ve provided my own little side commentary (you’re welcome!) .  Keep in mind I don’t eat cow so there is none of that listed below.  Sometimes I make it for hubs, but since I can’t tell you if its tasty or not its not making the list.


1. Acorn Squash by Paleomg.  I make this for dinner not breakfast…I am crazy like that.  Its amazing!  Hubs would eat it every meal if I would let him.  My issues with it…it takes a long time and I struggle to cook the egg to the right consistency.  None the less its tasty and a great warm meal on a cold day.

2. Bacon Butternut Squash Soup by Civilized Caveman.  This stuff is the bomb.com!  I have found that I have to double blend it in the blender to get a real smooth consistency (I have issues with texture).  So I move it from pot to blender to bowl to blender back to pot.  Make sure you take the middle piece out of your blender top and cover it with a towel when you carefully blend or you will have a real bad hot explosion…trust me on this one.  This is also great left over or frozen.  I almost always make a double batch because we go through that much of it!

3.  Protein Bites by Paleomg.  I made these for the last competition I did and holy crap they were a life saver.  Great between workouts.  Very tasty.  No texture issues.  And the whole gym LOVED THEM!  Know whats cool…when 40 people walk around a competition talking about your balls.  Yup…real cool team.   I like to keep em in the house now for a quick bite.  Also, I use chocolate protein because I am a badass like that.

4.  Crockpot Mexican Chicken by Me.  Ready for this…throw chicken breast in your crockpot, dumb salsa on it, crock for 6 hours.  Whip up some cauliflower rice and serve it together.  Can you say easy peasy?  This is one of my quick go to meals because I can throw it together in about 14 seconds flat and not worry about it.  No, it doesn’t matter what kind of salsa you use…again whatever you like.  Sometimes I get crazy and use a jar and some fresh stuff…WOAH!

5.  Sausage with peppers and onions by Me.  Yeah 2 in a row.  82.7% of the time I am all for quick and easy.  I boil italian sausages then put a little grill on them in a pan.  I use frozen peppers and onions especially if I am cramped for time them BAM…dinner in 20.

6.  Chick-fil-a Chicken Nuggets by Stupid Easy Paleo.  If you do not live in the south and haven’t had Chick-fil-A you don’t know what you are missing.  Don’t worry I didn’t either.  But good news…you can now make these at home and paleo style.  They are real good!!  Make sure the oil in the pan is super hot or it will all go to hell in a hand basket.  And yes, soak the chicken in pickle juice.  I don’t know why but it works so do it!

7.  Shepard’s Pie by Me.  I like this because its mostly left overs!  I also am slightly obsessed with pulled pork currently.  Hubs isn’t a huge fan of this and he’d much rather acorn squash but it works.  And again you get some good leftovers for lunches!

8.  Spaghetti Squash Pizza Pie by Paleomg.  This is a new one from Julie (yeah, I talk about her like we are friends and she doesn’t know I exist…don’t judge me!).  I’ve already made it twice and its on the menu for this week again.  I add all sorts of crazy stuff….pepperoni, peppers, bacon…whatever you like on your pizza throw it in there!  Someone at work added mushrooms and olives and said it was amazing (I like neither mushrooms nor olives but word on the street is tasty).

9.  Brownies by Elanas Pantry.  These are fudgey, chocolate, gooey, amazingness!  Yeah, paleo police me….use dark chocolate it…call it a treat.  You’ll thank me for bringing this into your life and Elana for creating it.  I’ve made about 6,000 brownie recipes and as far as standard brownies with no frills go these are the best!

10.  Chocolate Chip Cookies by Paleo Plan.  There are some BAD paleo cookie recipes out there…this is not one of them.  Its actually the only one I use when I make cookies anymore.  The gym kids love and eat them and generally don’t notice a difference.

Are you still reading?  Why?!  You should be in the kitchen or at the store buying stuff to make these awesome recipes.  What are some of your favorites out there?  Clearly you can tell the websites I like based off my list.  Enjoy!

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