Sometimes its about the things you hate

So I had a kid.  I made a lot of excuses.  I fell out of shape.  I’ve been fighting to get back in shape.  Im working hard in the kitchen.  So I thought to myself, crossfit is great but maybe I should try something else and it’ll help me across the board.  Then I thought what are the things I hate the most.  The list was as follows:

  • running
  • burpees
  • Open WOD 14.5 (and subsequently 16.5)

So I decided I didn’t want to do a million burpees a day and while that has its benefits its probably not the most beneficial overall.  So running it was (I sure as hell wasn’t doing burpees and thrusters…nope).  And let me be very clear…I hate running.  I am not one who gets runners high.  I especially hate running while pushing a stroller (because leaving your baby on the street corner is frowned upon).  The good news is my kid loves the gym, the stroller, going for walks and/or runs, and does not care at all if its 110 degrees outside.


I guess when you run with a stroller its like resistance training too?  Because let me tell you running uphill, pushing a stroller with a 30ish pound baby in it isn’t easy!  So I decided to sucker one of the other gym girls into this and landed on doing the 8 week program count to 5k (aka C25K).  Lots of people seem to have had serious success with this so I figured what the heck.

We started week 3 today and survived (which is obviously what this is about).  We are trying to take different routes everyday to mix up the scenery.  We run Monday, Wednesday, Friday (I wont lie this also helps my Fitbit numbers like WOAH!).  Today we got the bright idea to run before the WOD (which also had running) epically bad idea!

The morale of the story its about being functional.  Stepping outside your comfort zone.  If we all only practice the things that come easy to us or we enjoy you wont get better.  To get better you gotta step outside your comfort zone, amp up your training in new and creative ways, and kick some ass while doing it!

Even the little man is learning to do new and fun things.  He may not be walking proficiently but he sure is climbing everywhere!  Everyone around here is trying new things and working on what we aren’t that great at…yet!


What are you doing to step outside your fitness comfort zone?  If the answer is nothing I challenge you to get out there and do something new and different.  Play a sport, go for some extra walks, join a pure barre class, get an app with daily fitness challenges (there are billions).


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Travel and Paleo

So its no secret we travel A LOT these days.  Read every trip without a delay is 6 hours and a  girls gotta eat.  Both little guy and I would be VERY hangry if we go 6 hours without food.  Figure its an hour in the car to the airport, 2 hours at the airport, 2 hour flight, 1 hour ride to wherever we are going.  We generally take a 12pm flight out and a 3pm flight back.  And since you can’t bring tons through security (nor do I want to carry it) we are stuck with airport food and small snacks.


At this point I think I’ve got this down.  Here is what our travel day food and schedule look like:

8am: wake up kiddo and feed him a quick easy breakfast.  We both usually just inhale 2 eggs and some quick breakfast meat.

9/930am: leave for airport and drive.  Drink coffee (or someone wont survive), give the kiddo a pouch (I like the all organic ones with nothing else in them check the ingredients and stock up on sale).

1030am: get through TSA (we got pre-check and its the bomb diggity.  If you travel any amount get this.  Worth the $85 for 5 years for sure).

11am: through security.  Get a significant snack and hang out.  Significant snack is a quest bar (I pack), fruit (I buy), and sometimes a deconstructed sandwich (this last week we got Starbucks (there isn’t a Dunkin Donuts in our airport) breakfast sandwich with meat and no cheese and didn’t eat the bread).

12pm: on the plane, I distract the kid with some non-paleo animal crackers (its a plane treat he will survive!) and/or some gluten free organic veggie sticks (not perfect but ah well).

2pm: we land and head out and immediately hit up some lunch somewhere on the way to the apartment.

I also pack some trail mix in a sandwich baggie for emergencies.  You know because a lack of food is CLEARLY an emergency.


Headed back on an afternoon flight its pretty similar except we eat lunch in the airport.  I have found that bars are actually the best option.  They tend to have real good sandwiches.  Last week we got Boston Beer Works.  I had the grilled chicken sandwich with bacon and all the fixings (lettuce, tomato, pickles….nothing crazy) with sweet potato fries.  Little man had a hot dog (no bun) and broccoli.  Don’t worry we shared sides.  Then we grab dinner as soon as we get back home.  I also pack similar snacks or use whatever we didnt eat on the way up.

Remember, you can generally always find something thats paleo (or damn close) it just takes some thought and prep.  I pull buns off things all the time (or just order without).  Added bonus you don’t feel like crap when flying.

I am super lucky in that the little guy tends to sleep for at least an hour on the flight.  So I just watch some tv or snooze myself.  He is also big on flirting with anyone around us and staring behind to scope out the people.  Last flight there were two cute little girls he flirted with while he was awake.  “HI GIRLS!!!” over and over.  They humored him and had fun (they were probably 7 and 10).  Some pics for fun!


PS – I know I promised vodka lemonade and I didn’t forget.  Its coming but I haven’t made it lately.

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Fitbits…they are kind of like crack

So I decided to bite the bullet and get a Fitbit.  All the cool kids are doing it, it seemed like a fun way to concentrate on moving more when not at the gym, and a bunch of the amazing internet friends I have (we all have April babies) do weekly challenges.  Sounds all fun right?  What nobody told me is that if you are crazy competitive then this is NOT the toy for you.  Unfortunately, I am insanely competitive.

Lets start with I got it for a steal of a price!  Its a fitbit flex and was 60 bucks on groupon, then I used my ebates and got another 6% back.  I got the one where you can pick 3 bands and change them up (you know because I am fancy).  It took about 10 days to get here.  Then it sat in the drawer because I knew it would likely make me crazy once I started.  We had a bunch of stuff to get done so I figured come June I would pop it on.


I tossed it on Wednesday night to make sure it worked.  I didn’t do much other then set it up and go about my life.  Wednesday evening I took a whole 2,185 steps.  Well apparently this thing also tracks your sleep.  Guess what it confirmed…I sleep like crap!  Although I am trying to make sure I get at least 7 hours a night so it at least reminds me to close my eyes at a “reasonable” time (even if I am awake 33ish times a night).


Bring on Thursday.  It was a scheduled off day at the gym so I did a lot of walking circles through the house.  I set a goal of 10,000 steps a day but wanted to work up to it over a few days (not that I had any clue how far that was).  I was at about 5,000 around 4pm.  So I started going the long way…EVERYWHERE.  After the kiddo went to sleep I had to put away dishes and laundry.  It went like this: put away 1 dish, walk to bedroom, put away 1 shirt, walk to kitchen, put away 1 fork, walk to bedroom, put away 1 pair of socks….etc.  You see where this is going?  INSANITY!  Well I cleared just under 8,000 steps.  Not shabby for no gym or leaving the house (in 95 degrees or during the monsoon).


Well Ill be damned if by day 3 I wasn’t hitting 10K steps.  Thankfully, the wod involved 3 – 400m runs.  That should add some steps.  Then I took the kiddo for a mile walk after the wod.  That should add some steps.  Then I parked as far away as humanly possible at Walmart.  That should add some steps.  Then I parked as far away as I could everywhere.  Then I paced in circles like a crazy person waiting for the ATM (I can’t promise the guy in front of me didn’t think I was insane).  I walked in circles around the house.  I walked in circles when I coached at 445pm.  I walked the kid another 800 meters at the gym after the class I coached.  I hit 10,000 steps around 830pm.  BOOM!

Then I started a few challenges.  This is not going to help the obsession.  I must win!  Theres one rocking girl in my A15 group (moms with babies in April 2015 — catchy aren’t we?) who averages 12k steps a day.  She chases 4 kids around all day.  Apparently, she wins almost every week on their work week challenge.  I’m coming for her.  🙂


Then I realized something…WHEN THE HECK AM I SUPPOSED TO CHARGE THIS THING?  I wear it all day, I wear it to sleep (you know because how else will I know how lousy I slept), I wear it 24/7.  I am still trying to figure this out.  Its charging right now because I am sitting to write.  I guess it will get charged when I am going to sit for any period?  It seems to charge pretty quick but what do I know.

I also think it will be harder to get as many steps in on the weekends.  I see lots of walks (weather permitting), additional gym time, we will walk down the street to breakfast instead of driving most likely and then back to the gym on Saturday morning.

I do greatly appreciate that it makes me think more about moving my butt when I am not in the gym.  Its a friendly reminder that its the little things that can help us.  Park a little further away, go out of your way to help someone, be more active and outside with the kid, all the good stuff!

I do think it may drive me insane, but it will make me more active.  This will also help when we travel and I can necessarily get to a gym every day.  More walks on the beach, more walks in general, less driving.  All good stuff.

Do you have a fitbit?  Leave me your name and Ill add you!  We can challenge each other and I can drive myself further into a competition insanity.

And heres some cute just for fun!  These two were looking for the dog at the same time our amazing nanny rolled up.  Excitement all around!


Stay tuned later this weekend for a lemonade vodka that is (mostly) paleo and will rock your world!



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1st Birthday!

Our baby turned 1!  How has it been a year (and my ass is still in bad shape, probably worse then the day I delivered)?  We had so much fun and got to celebrate with friends and family.  We also had some amazing pictures taken.  Here are a few of his 1 year pics.  A55A44A33A20A3

That kid loves to open his mouth.  Of course we got him a smash cake made by my amazing friend.  He ate some; then he decided to “King Kong” it, and sit down.  He also shared with Daddy.

How did people plan parties before Pintrest?  I mean I guess I planned a wedding without it.  I definitely went all Pintrest on his party, and loved it.  Here are some party shots.

We had a blast.  It was pretty much a weekend long celebration.  Nick was able to fly home and my mom flew down last minute too.  We have amazing friends here in NC who came and stayed and made it so special.  Sorry, not sorry for the picture dump!

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Yup, its official I suck at keeping up with this.  Can I blame travel?  Single parenthood?  Exhaustion?  Work?  Yeah, probably but I won’t.  Reality is this hasn’t been a priority.  I’ve been eating kind of whatever (some paleo some not so much).  I’ve been wishy washy at the gym.  Can’t change the past…can change the future.  Billionth times a charm?

Lets talk about weight loss competitions.  Now, let me start by saying I love some good competition.  However, this new fad of entering bets to lose weight is crap.  Yup, I said it.  Cramming to drop a percentage of your weight in a short period of time is NOT helpful, for many reasons.  The likely hood you keep that off is slim.  “Winning” isn’t getting the scale to drop (heck I can fluctuate 5 pounds any given day).

scale winIncorrect!

It also has no bearing on getting any healthier.  The reality is the scale is not a dictator of “health”.  There are some very unhealthy “skinny” people.  There are some very healthy bigger people.  Healthy is what is important (not the number on the scale).  Healthy, however involves many things.  Its overall size, its stuff fitting, its feeling good, its working out effectively, its a lot of things!  These are the things I want…need to get back to!

I need to get back to the girl on the right.  I am somewhere between right now.

Again, I do love me some competition.  So I decided to challenge my sister to a paleo/health challenge!  We start tomorrow and will go through July 15th (just shy of 8 weeks).  It is based on a WOD, weight, AND measurements.  It will break down like this:

  • Initial baseline WOD to be completed 5/22
  • Initial measurements (in inches hips, bust (right under boobs/sports bra line), R thigh, R arm) and weight to be taken and logged 5/23
  • Final baseline WOD to be completed 7/15
  • Final measurements and weight to be taken and logged 7/15

The WOD (which we completed this morning via FaceTime for consistency/fairness) is:
10 Min AMRAP
10 push up
10 air squat
10 sit ups

We logged scores and will do it again on the last day of the challenge.  We are scoring as follows:

Every rep higher on the final WOD when compared to the baseline = 1 point
Every full pound lost = 1 point
Every inch lost = 1 point

This should be just the kick in the ass I need.  The loser has to buy the winner a prize back worth $50.  Healthy good stuff of course.  Obviously I need a good solid plan.  I know what it is.  I’ve done this before and I know what works for me!

fail to plan

I am going to do zone paleo.  This is to make sure I am getting enough of the right balance of nutrients.  I will eat 1800 calories a day on non-gym days and about 2200 on gym days.  My macro breakdown will be 40/30/30 protein/carbs/fat.  I am using MFP to track this.  I’m shooting to go back to 3 on 1 off at the gym.  When I am there I need to bust ass and not be lazy.  Lift every time, WOD every time, stretch, warm up…EVERY TIME.  I am contemplating C25K too because you know my endurance is in the tank, I hate running, and its good for you.

So thats whats up here!  I challenge you (if there are any of you left out there since my hiatus’ are annoying) to get out there and challenge a friend or many friends.  Make it a well rounded challenge.  Make it simple.  Make it fun.

Oh, I also got ordered a fitbit so there will be some serious walking around coming too!  The amazing ladies on my mom board do weekly challenges.  Simple yet fun!  And I love to win.

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Breakfast Casserole

This is quick, easy, and delicious! (That’s what she said).  It takes a bit of prep and then I cut it into 6 big pieces and its breakfast for a week.  And it has all the tasty breakfast foods in one dish.


Ingredient List:
3 big sweet potatoes
a bag of frozen peppers and onions
big bag of fresh spinach
1 package of bacon
1 lb of breakfast ground sausage
12 eggs


Peel and chop your sweet potatoes into chunks and steam them until the are cooked.  While those are steaming cook your sausage in a pan.  Chop up the bacon and then cook it after you take the sausage out.  Keep all the fat in the pan.


Then cook the spinach down in the fat from the meat.


Cook the peppers and onions in the same pan after you remove the spinach.  Then start layering in the pan.  Potatoes on the bottom.  Cover them up with the sausage then the bacon.  Take your cooked spinach and add it on top.  Then add the peppers and onions.  Next, take your dozen eggs and beat them in a bowl and pour over the top.

Bake the whole thing in the oven at 350 for about 30 minutes.  Let it cool a little and cut it into 6ths (or 8ths whatever floats your boat).  Grab a fork and enjoy!



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Meal Planning + baby

I am lucky that Anthony eats pretty much everything.  He goes through spurts where he won’t eat certain things (this week its chicken) but mostly he eats anything and everything.  Thankfully, this makes meal planning pretty easy.  He eats what I eat.  I am back to meal planning consistently as of this week.  Someone does get a little impatient when he is not swiftly being fed (don’t mind the photo bombing cat).image2

For breakfast most days we do eggs and some meat.  Anthony has his at the gym (mostly because it entertains him).  I make him 2 eggs in a little circle and cut it like pizza (triangles) and he happily eats that in his stroller.  I also bring him lots of little snacks (fine motor skills, yo!); things like dried fruit, raisins, and plain chex (gluten free not paleo).  Then he has a bottle.  Can you say piggy?!  I do bacon and eggs and a protein shake when I get home.

Lunches now that it is just the two of us are often left overs from the night before, or sliced deli meat and avocado and fruit, or anything we have on hand.  Seriously, we do TONS of left overs.  When you make a whole meal and its a 10 month old and yourself it rarely gets finished.  This also makes lunch easy peasy.  Little man also loves him some uncured, all natural beef hot dogs.  He INHALES them.  Good kid food, still decent for him.


Dinners, I typically plan to make 4 different dinners during the week.  On Wednesdays we still do family dinner and have mexican (fajitas, just the meat, veggies, guac, and pico); Anthony usually has a shredded chicken taco and sliced avocado, or he inhales off my plate.  We do left overs on the “non-fresh” nights.  No point in wasting food.  Here is what this week looked like dinner wise.

Sunday: 5 ingredient spaghetti squash pizza from (I added diced chicken for more protein).  This was also lunch most of the week.

Monday: Grilled chicken, cauliflower rice, and steamed veggies.

Tuesday: left overs

Wednesday: family dinner

Thursday: Seared scallops, sweet potato, veggies

Friday: Tilapia, veggies, sweet potatoes

Saturday: BBQ grilled pork loin and veggies

Sunday: more leftovers


Since, I am trying to get food ready, entertain the baby, and keep the house in show ready condition we are living the simple life.  Going back to the basics is never a bad thing.  And really, Anthony doesn’t mind leftovers at all!  He is also seriously digging seafood these days.  Good news when we get up to Boston the seafood is sooooo much better!

As far as snacks go we do lots of fresh fruit, sometimes veggies, protein shakes (paleo protein, almond milk, frozen fruit), raisins, trail mix (nuts, dried fruit, whatever you please; I make a big bag and we have it all week), sliced avocado, sometimes a paleo treat like cookies or something.  Again, simple is good.  Things that I can throw in little containers is amazing incase we need to vacate the house quickly.

What are your go to meals?  What are the complex ones you love and are worth the time?  Next week I may get a little crazy early in the week but we will see.

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