Hey All!  Welcome to my blog.  Check out the tabs across the top for some quick information on me, paleo, and crossfit which will be the primary focus here.  Please bare with me as I get this bad boy up and running completely.  I am going to use this post to run through some random items.  If you’ve got questions (now or ever) hit me up on the contact form below.  This post is going to consist of some random things so hang on for the ride.  There is a lot I want to cover so we are all clear. 🙂

Paleo is a life style not a “diet”.  We generally eat this way but sometimes a girl needs a cheat meal. Its all about organization, planning, and staying combobulated.  Personally, I use excel to meal plan for the week.  Yes, I plan EVERY single meal because the alternative is a bad option (pizza, nothing, dog food, or some other type of take out).  Heck, on Wednesday under the dinner line I write “CFFD” (which stands for crossfit family dinner; yeah we are that box who go to eat every week together).

This blog name came from me wanting to smash my scale into a million pieces because it frustrates the crap out of me.  I am 5’10” and am very lucky to carry weight well (generally speaking).  Last July at our box we did a paleo challenge, this meant 6 weeks of strict paleo.  It was a contest.  Have we discussed that when its a competition its on like donkey kong?  Yeah, it is.  My husband came home the night before this started from work and I had thrown away EVERYTHING that wasn’t paleo.  He was all “I’m gonna eat that after 6 weeks what are you doing?!” Well, in those 6 weeks I dropped 10 pounds but 15″ overall.  I lost 4 inches in my legs.  it was mind boggling.  We stuck with it and still do.  Do I fall off the train sometimes…yup.  Do I have will power…not really!  Bring chocolate in this house and you’ll never see it again.  Know the solution?  Don’t put it in the house!  I know this about myself and props to anyone who can have it there and not touch it.  That isn’t me.

You name it before paleo I did it.  Counted calories, wore a heart rate monitor when I worked out, did weight watchers, sat my butt on the couch and felt sorry for myself…all happened.  Paleo and crossfit are what work for me.  Do I still enjoy an adult beverage from time to tome?  You bet your butt I do!  Do I feel deprived of food?  Nope!  I can usually find an alternate that is paleo (and that is what cheat meals are for).

This blog is intended to hold myself accountable, hopefully provide someone else some entertainment or maybe even some motivation.  My current goal is to lose a bunch of inches (to the tune of 20 all over to start) and probably drop some weight by default.  I’ve also got some physical goals at the gym: get a pull up, start lifting a bit heavier and jump my max weight on my power lifts 10-25 pound each in the next 5 weeks, and get a bunch faster at burpees (aka stop burpee “praying” as I call it; this is when I stick my arms out and my butt in the air mid-burpee and try not to die!).  I finally registered for my next competition (I’ve only done 1 and it was a team one) which is August 10th.  So the clock is ticking and I’ve got a serious fire lit so I at least hold my own there.

I don’t count calories anymore.  In all reality I probably eat more calories then I ever did when I counted; if I was a guessing woman probably 1800+ a day on days I work out.  Let me show you an example of todays food:

Breakfast: 2 eggs, 3 pieces of bacon (a staple in the paleo world!), and a cup of coffee with honey and almond milk

Lunch: paleo chicken salad 

Snack: apple with almond butter

Dinner: turkey burgers with avocado, bacon, sweet potato, and grilled zucchini

Dessert: probably something sweet like the paleo apple crisp I made the other night

See!  Lots of food…all tasty….all natural.  Not rocket science!  I just eat when I am hungry.  When I workout in the morning I go on an empty stomach, by the time I get home that shifts food since I don’t eat breakfast until 10:30 or so.

Todays workout: 5 rounds of 40 double unders (or 120 singles which are for this girl), 10 sumo dead lift high pulls, 15 push press.  I scaled it and only did 50 pounds instead of the RX of 65 for women.  It took me 17:45 but I didn’t die (contrary to what I thought somewhere around round 3).  That doesn’t include the warm up, stretching, and power lift (which we skipped today for a good stretch session).

That is my story today!  Thanks for checking me out and stick around for a while…I am sure eventually I’ll say something entertaining (or at least that you can read to your friends and tell them I am an idiot!).


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