W.O.W #1!

Welcome to “Workout Wednesday” as inspired by Skinny Meg over at skinnymeg.com (if you haven’t already go check her out!).  Thus, tonight I will talk about todays workout.  A weeee backstory first though.  Our neighbor has a bit of an obsession (thats the nicest thing I’ve every called it) with stick in our yard.  Keep in mind we rent the house we live in and haven’t been here that long.  So about 2pm today I put on my sneaks for what I call “yard work Wednesday” and got to trimming bushes, mowing the lawn, weeding, etc.  I got a bit carried away and was soaked in sweat 2 hours later.  When I say soaked in sweat I mean battle royale to get my sports bra off because it was stuck (in the land of TMI I decided to weigh it because it was so heavy once that battle ensued…it was 1.5lbs.  How crazy is that?).  Here’s a quick shot of the giant pile of tree I had removed from the yard (not our house in the background).  Image

Yard work counts as a workout right?  I think it does.  Somedays it is the little things.  And oh if you don’t live in the south NC heat at 2pm is brutal!

Next up I hit up my crossfit box for a 5:30pm WOD (workout of the day).  Here is me pre-wod.  I still look human and ignore that stupid smile on my face!  Image

Today was a beast!  Image

Our powerlift today was deadlift.  My old PR was 255.  I am still not sure what got into me today but I decided that bar was all mine.  I got up 270!!!!  Thats right people, a 15lb personal record!!  Excited would be the understatement, especially because my goal is to add 10-20lbs to all my PR’s by the competition in August.  Well 5 more pounds to go on that and its up 20!  And I got 270 up twice.  Whoop!!

Onto the WOD.  That thing was a beast!  4 rounds of a lap (probably about 30 yards) of burpee broad jumps (read: throw my sorry butt on the ground, pull myself back up, jump with all my might; I’ve never been more excited to be 5’10” because I get a lot of distance on my jump), 12 kettle bell snatches (I used .5 poods – 17.5 pounds), and 15 sit-ups.  I finished in 15:18 and I will take that.  The hubs ROCKED some burpee broad jumps (I swear he had to do like 8 total for a full lap because his jumping was amazing!)

Then I was STARVING!  So I pounded some protein shake.  Then got talked into a run, in the pouring rain.  I only did a 1/2 mile but I ran the whole thing which is a big deal for me.  Here is me post workout and run (note the lack of sexiness now!)  Image

That my friends is a badass day at the gym!!  Notice all the pockets of sweat around my non-existant abs and chest.  If that doesn’t say sexy I don’t know what does!!

What are the little things you do to burn those extra calories?  What is your latest workout accomplishment (big or small)?

Stay tuned next Wednesday for more WOW fun!  I plan to do something on working out with your spouse and/or kids!



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2 responses to “W.O.W #1!

  1. Yardwork is definitely a workout!

    I thought the pockets of sweat were leftover rain LOL.

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