Weekend Wrap-Up!

Remember when I said I am by no means “paleo perfect”…well you are about to see a prime example of that!  On Thursday (yes I know that is not the weekend) I tweaked my knee doing front squats.  I have no idea what I did other then it went “POP” on squat 1.  I pressed on…probably stupid but such is life.

Friday morning I was up at 5am for reasons I have no idea.  I legit could not sleep for the life of me.  I planned to take the day off from the gym since I was moving a good friend starting at 9am.  She has a ridiculous plan that she should always live on the 3rd floor.  Well that makes it a bitch to move her; down 2 full flights then up 2 full flights.  I figured that would be workout enough for the day and I didn’t want to mess up my knee.  By 615 I was stir crazy, got up and went to crossfit.  I didn’t power lift but I did the WOD.  Then onto Michelle’s to move her.  We worked from 815am – 1230 straight.  Let’s just say the expression “sweating like a whore in church” would be an understatement.  Paleo fail #1 came in about 1130am when we took our first beer break.  Budlight off the bench (yes I was a beer fair for Halloween a few years ago so the picture seems appropriate here).  Then the pizza showed up (paleo fail#2).  I had a few pieces and about 6 beers (ultimate fail!), then I decided to pull my stuff together and cut it out.


I got home about 4pm slightly buzzed and ready for a nap (as I had been awake since 5am).  I laid down, put on the tv, and the phone rang.  I am currently job searching and of course it was a “pop phone interview”.  No better time to interview then half in the bag right?  Well, apparently I am better like that because I will be going to interview in person next week!  Fingers crossed because I am going a little stir crazy at home.

Saturday was generally uneventful.  Took my busted knee to the gym and did the team WOD.  Saturdays are my favorite at the gym because its team WOD day and tons of fun.  Then we all head to a local breakfast place and eat breakfast together.  I have found that breakfast is the easiest paleo meal to eat out.  I get a meat lovers omelet no cheese (it has sausage, bacon, and ham), fresh fruit cup, a side of bacon, fresh squeezed OJ, and a vat of water!  See easy peasy.  Then hubs and I went home and pretty much crashed all afternoon.  I slept awful because my knee woke me up every 15 minutes all night.  We had sushi for dinner (yup paleo fail #3 on the weekend but it was delish!).  Then a few drinks with friends and to bed we went.  How lame are we?!

Sunday morning our pets (Lady and Phoebe) decided that at 9am we should get up so they ambushed our bedroom.  I swear they are like a little swat team that plot their missions out.  Phoebe kicks in the door and Lady busts in on top of us.  Its a hot mess!  They look innocent but don’t let them fool you.  IMG_3225 IMG_2940

Then I spent the morning meal planning, reading recipes, and icing my knee with some delicious coffee.  Our Keurig machine is probably the most used appliance in the house; black dunkin’ donuts K-cup with a shot of agave syrup in it AMAZEBALLS!  I had a great set up going.  That cookbook is “OMG that’s PALEO?  By Juli Bauer of paleomg; if you haven’t checked out her blog go IMMEDIATELY!



Since I am taking the class for my concealed carry at the end of the month and have to qualify we headed out to the range this afternoon.  It was fun and I might have fallen in love with a little Smith & Wesson (which they then told me is super hard to find….FREAKING GREAT!).  I am a relatively decent shot.


and ultimately have no worries about qualifying in a few weeks.  We were about to leave when Hubs discovered you could rent and shoot semi-automatic machine guns.  Little to say we stayed a bit longer.



Then the usual Sunday things.  Grocery shopping, putting away said food, preparing food for the week and now I sit writing as chicken is in the crockpot for some chicken salad and dinner awaits to be cooked.  Pretty low key weekend but we needed it after last weekends holiday festivities!

Weekends are the hardest for me to stay on track and I really do try…but sometimes I give in and end in the land of paleo fails.  What are the hardest parts about weekends for you?  How do you stay on track?  Pointers?  Tips?

See you crazy kids this week!  My plans are to write about alcohol and paleo (special requested!), workout wednesday (working out with your spouse), and a few other fun things!


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