Hey All!  Happy Monday!


I don’t know how the last week got away from me.  My bad!  It was filled with cooking, cleaning, job interviews, applying for jobs, working out, house warming parties for friends, and a wedding to end the weekend.  I am exhausted!  Heck, meal planning and grocery shopping even had to wait until today.  Thankfully, I keep enough frozen meat in the freezer that we can just defrost and throw on the grill when I do things like that.  This post is going to be pretty random so hang on!

When I am really tired I tend to sleep with my eyes open (creepy I know) and will respond with ridiculous things when someone engages me.  This happened Saturday night.  We got home from the wedding and Hubs hopped in the shower and I was out cold on the couch about .2 seconds later.  We’ve had a bit of an ant problem so we keep RAID (the ant spray) on hand.  Hubs got out of the shower and the ants had decide to attack our bathroom.  The following conversation occurred:

Hubs: Sarah….SARAH!!  (about a minute of this then he threw the Aleve bottle at me; I moved apparently eyes wide open still) Where is the Raid?
Me: The plans are at Tommy and Shenoa’s house
Hubs: What?! I said where is the Raid?
Me: TOMMY AND SHEONAS! That is where the plans are!! (this question answer session goes on about 6 more times probably — I was still asleep).
Hubs: What are you talking about!? Wake up and pay attention!!!
Me: What?! Its at Tommy and Shenoa’s I told you!
Hubs: The ant spray.  Raid.  What did you do with it?
Me: Its when you attack people. (I sort of remember saying this, so I am pretty sure its when I woke up)
Hubs: SARAH!  What are you talking about?
Me: (gets up, walks onto deck, gets Raid, throws to Hubs, report back to couch).

Hubs says this took about 5 minutes and when I got up on Sunday I realized I was talking about a raid and he wanted the spray.  He also bombed the bathroom with Raid and its all I could smell.  Good news…ants are dead!

In other random news I am apparently on a major pork kick.  Last night we had pork on the grill with BBQ sauce, sweet potatos, and salad.  Tonight we are having BBQ (the southern kind…aka shredded pork with bbq sauce), fried plantains, and salad.  I think there is pork on the menu at least 1 more time this week.  Its really because I might be obsessed with my BBQ sauce.  I make it from scratch so that it is paleo.  I think its amazeballs.  I could drink the stuff.  I put it on everything…meat = good; salad = good; fingers = good.  You catch my drift!

This week I promise there will be blogging!  In honor of my sleep talking I leave you with this excellent video of Bizkit.



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