Weekend Wrap Up!

Yeah I know…its Tuesday not Monday.  I was planning to write this yesterday but I messed up my back and spent the day/night flat out on the couch.  Pretty sure it is muscular and I feel much better today and back to the gym tomorrow.  Anywho!  Onto the weekend.

Friday a friend of mine had a Jamberry party.  Never heard of it?  Neither had I!  It was really cool.  I pre-ordered my nail stuff so I could put it on the day of the party.  Pretty much they are “high tech stickers” that go on your nails and are all sorts of crazy designs.  They were super easy to put on and much cheaper then a pedicure.  I’ve got enough left after doing my toes on 1 sheet to probably use that pattern at least 5-6 more times.  Sheets are $15 each!  Ignore my funky looking toes.  These stripes have little anchors on them but I couldn’t get that close with the camera.  Then we watched the games all night.  Ya know, because it is Crossfit games week and its generally all we did.



Saturday we went to morning workouts.  Which involved a lot of tire flipping and lead to being very dirty!  Like absolutely disgusting, dirt running off you in the shower, mud run kind of disgusting.  Hence, my very sexy arms.


Saturday night we had people over to watch the games.  And we drank beer and ate pizza GASP!  It was delish but the concept of eating very non-paleo pizza and drinking while watching people workout is kind of ironic.  Sunday was more of the same.  We headed up to the gym around 2 and grilled and watched the games.  Rich Froning won his third games in a row.  He is such an amazing athlete and he isn’t too hard on the eyes.



That was all!  Boring as can be pretty much.  T-2 weeks till the competition…eeeekkk!!


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