W.O.W #3

How is it Wednesday already?!  And look at me go, 3 posts in 2 days!  Whoop!  As always todays link up brought to you by Skinny Meg.  Anywho, today I am going to talk about working out with your spouse, significant other, or whatever you’d like to call them.  Let me start by saying I love hubs to death (clearly, I married the guy!); but under NO circumstances do we workout well together.  For some reason it has always been this way.

Lets back up a tad, shall we?  Hubs and I started dating in 2000 (I was 17, he was 18).  He was headed off to college and we decided to go to the gym together one day.  Now, this girl is not what you would consider athletic, graceful, or anything of that nature.  Klutzy, spastic, and uncoordinated would be more like it.  So we head to the gym and about 30 minutes in self-appointed trainer hubs decides we will have a push-up marathon.  Then I cried.  Thats right ladies and gentlemen I cried (and I am not a crier).  That was the end of the working out together.

It took me 6 months to get him to come to crossfit with me and now he is gang busters about it.  However, we don’t workout at the same time (usually).  On Saturdays when we do team WODs we are on different teams (we were on the same team twice, then we told the coach he needed to put us on separate teams because we just argued when we got home about it).


(Hubs at his first competition!)

This my friends is the beauty of both people being stubborn, competitive, and every other thing of that nature.  We don’t let things go when competition is involved.  I think it comes down to working out is one of those things we do for ourselves and that is okay.  Honestly, I’d rather stand there and cheer for him instead of lifting next to him.  It works for us and thats how it is.  Sure, there is banter about who was “better” today at the gym, who RX’d more this week, and so forth at the dinner table but we just can’t do it at the gym.


(At Crossfit Carolina Beach Thanksgiving 2012)

There are LOTS of people at our gym that workout together, and that’s awesome and it works for them.  Perfect example: at the gym a few days ago one of the guys was trying to help his wife do a wall climb and was pulling her feet upwards.  She wanted to get down and he was “encouraging” her.  Obviously, they were fine with this but I said out loud “this is why Nick and I don’t workout together.”.


(Crossfit Tourque in Foxboro, Mass Christmas 2012)

We are each others biggest cheerleaders, and the first to high five the other one when they finish the WOD, we just aren’t meant to be gym buddies.  The exception to this is when we are at other gyms and traveling.  Then it is better.  I don’t know why.  Maybe it is the fact we don’t know anyone, the idea that its a new gym and there is so much information to absorb quickly, the new atmosphere…who knows but it just works better when we travel.


(Crossfit One — home of Crossfit last Christmas 2012!)

How about you all?  Do you work out with your spouse?  Is it good for your relationship or is it one of those things you need to do for yourself.



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5 responses to “W.O.W #3

  1. This is perfect timing because I’ve been doing crossfit since May (and I’m hooked), and my boyfriend wants to start (he just has a scheduling conflict). I’m thinking we’d do fine together (I’m more of the cheerleader, he’s more of the silent one). But, I don’t know how we’ll do in a WOD together. We’re VERY competitive…but we also are encouraging. We’ll see!!!

    • Its always interesting! We are doing “31” this Saturday at the gym and have talked about being partners but its doubtful. I’m sure you guys will be great! We do hold each other accountable for going still which is an awesome perk to have at home. Update me on how it goes!

  2. Sam H

    My husband and I started dating in high school as well, and I was always the athletic one. Fast forward to college, marriage, and jobs and we’d both let ourselves go a little bit.

    I started running again and always asked him to come with, but he wasn’t in the place yet to want it for himself. About 2 years later (after a move and more no exercise time) I participated in a kick start 5k program and this time, he started running with me.

    Jerk is faster than me! It took me a while to just be happy for him and not upset that I couldn’t keep up. Now we go to our complexes weight room and work out together and encourage each other. When we leave for a run, he quickly leaves me but when I see him on his way back we high five and try to motivate each other. It took time to find our balance – but it works for us. We individually had to figure out how best to motivate the other while not comparing.

    We hike together too – and I don’t think I could do it without him. I can easily slip into a “I can’t do it” on high elevation climbs and he helps push me through to particularly difficult summits 🙂

    • We do very little actual workouts together, but we are great motivators to each other! Actually, was talking to one of the guys at the gym tonight and he was commenting on how its amazing when we know to walk away from the other one and when to push. Guess it is just something you figure out in 13 years!

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