W.O.W. #4

Workout Wednesday is upon us again!  As always I am linking up with Skinny Meg, if you haven’t already go over and check her out…she is pretty amazing (oh and she talked about me this week!?  I might have been a little excited about that this morning!!)   Anywho…todays topic of fun is working out the week before a competition (race, triathlon, or whatever you do!).   I have quickly learned that EVERYONE has  different opinion on this.  Here is my take…

I am not trying to be sore as all get out on competition day (for me this is Saturday this week).  This is what my week has looked like regarding working out.  Obviously, I have been super careful about my diet and eating super paleo, chugging more water then your average camel, and not doing any of my regular stupid antics (read: dumb crap I do that I usually end up hurt).

Monday: had plans to workout…had an interview all day 830am – 510pm and was beat when I got home.  Opted to make dinner instead of working out.  Usually on a competition week I would workout on Monday as normal.

Tuesday: WOD as normal.  Regular warm up, strength progression was deadlift in the following reps 6-6-5-4-3; by my set of 3 I was only up to 215 which is a little light but still not shabby.  Then the WOD which was AMRAP for 20 minutes of 200m run, 5 wall balls, 10 walking overhead wall ball lunges, 5 wall balls.  A beast to say the least.  I generally preformed like crap and only got 5 rounds and a run in.  I chilled in the afternoon and went back to the gym.  I did just the running for the WOD with the next 2 classes and clocked 2 miles in 200m jogs.  Then I did some work on my cleans and snatch (get your mind of out the gutter is a lift…but still funny every time!  Don’t believe me? here is a video and it is Rich Froning being a badass)  Not shabby.  Lots of stretching and rolling out.

Wednesday: WOD as normal.  Regular warm up, strength progression which was push press, reps were 6-6-5-4-3 and I went up to 85lbs which is plenty seeing as my 1 rep max is 95 (probably more but haven’t maxed in a while).  WOD was  155lb deadlift, ab-mat sit ups, and bear crawl for 21-15-9 (bear crawl at the end of each set).  I did it in 10:23.  I am heading back to the gym shortly to probably row 1000m (twice with a break),  stretch, roll out, maybe do some more lift work on my snatch.

Thursday: I likely won’t WOD since I know my body and that it stays sore for about 48 hours.  I will row/run, stretch, roll out, and maybe do some light lifting.

Friday: Day off!  I might swim a bit but nothing crazy.

Saturday: Competition day!!  I’ll do a post on how it goes on Saturday night or Sunday depending how dead I am.

That is a general routine for me when I am working up to a competition.  In the weeks before I go 5-6 days a week as normal and work on being a beast.  I claim to know nothing about running races because I am the worlds suckiest runner and this is generally me when it comes to running.


Happy Wednesday party people!  I am off for some rowing and other miscellaneous fun!


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