Twas the night before competition…

And all through the house…nah just kidding!  But it is the night before competition!  I am a lot of things.  Nervous, excited, ready to puke, and ready to get this party started.  Generally, speaking trying to keep it as normal as possible.  Stretched today like crazy (I might have a hamstring/back tightness issue going on), we cleaned the gym this morning and set up this evening for tomorrow.  There was mopping, hole patching, box moving, weight carrying, keg drop off, and so much more!  Yes you read that right.  Every good competition has a proper after party.  In came the keg-er-a-tor and 2 kegs.  Donations during the competition for non-competetiors for the beer and beer for all after.  Guess what I am gonna do immediately after my 15th stationary lunge….damn straight… TO THE KEG.


Lets stay focused here (clearly my brain is on F-I-R-E!).  Got home tonight and made dinner which was chicken legs on the grill and sweet potato fries.  Looks tasty huh?


Then I started packing for tomorrow.  Contents of my bag are as follows: jump rope (I jacked my favorite one from the gym because I don’t want some biotch to steal it from under me), C4 (pre-workout…judge all you want), protein, 2 shaker bottles, almond butter, trail mix, lara bars, bananas, apples, a change of clothes, a change of shoes, a vat of water, and my WOD shoes and socks.  Extra attire in case it rains during outdoor WODs; I can not stay wet and WOD all day (thats what she said!).


Tomorrows competition workouts are as follows:
WOD #1: 5 Deadlift #115lbs, 10 burpee over the bar for 5 rounds.  Time cap: 6 minutes (FML, I don’t suspect I will finish…it is an AMRAP when time is called as the score).

WOD #2: 20 wallballs #12 to 8′ line & 20 snatches (yup still funny) #45 for 3 rounds.  Time cap: 10 minutes (this will be close on time for me)

WOD #3: mini chipper: 15 cleans #65, 30 sit-ups, 30 step ups to a 20″ box, 30 jumping pull ups, 60 singles, 15 kettle bell swings .5 pood (16lbs), 15 burpees, 15 stationary overhead lunges #25.  Time cap 18 minutes (I am shooting for 9:30).

Lets all hope this doesn’t kill me.  I’m not out to win this thing.  I signed up so I had something to train for.  I got my butt in gear hit the gym, got back on the paleo train, cut most drinking, and it showed.  I took measurements on 6/25 and again tonight (After eating all day).  Here they are:

Thats right people…total loss of 5″ all over and only 6 pounds (yes I got on the scale I was curious).  Scope this post for some comparison pictures (I can not for the life of me find the before pictures I took on 6/24.  Here was me today pre-stretching (yes, I find the toilet to really add something in the picture).

IMG_3897 IMG_3896

I am off to finish packing, go pack the keg with more ice, shower, and hit the sack.  Early day tomorrow with lots of fun.  Hopefully, someone takes pictures and there is some fun to show and report.

Happy weekend!!



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4 responses to “Twas the night before competition…

  1. Good luck hun!!! Kick butt! You look amazing…and you’re going to rock it. I can’t wait to hear how you did. ENJOY YOUR CELEBRATORY BEER(S)!!!

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