W.O.W. #5

As always linking up with Skinny Meg!    (Yes, this is posting Thursday but just pretend people!).  Anywho, today was my first day back at the gym since the competition.  My back is probably at about 70% so I dropped the weight on the WOD.  Here was todays workout:

10 pass throughs with PVC pipe
10 air squats
10 push-ups
45 double unders
**for 3 rounds**

EMOM (every minute on the minute)
1 clean pull
1 power clean
1 clean

We did this every minute on the minute and each minute you add a round.  So the first minute you just do each thing 1 time, the second minute you do it through twice, the third minute you do it through 3 times.  The workout ends when you can’t get all the rep in the given minute.  Sound easy?  Gets hard…FAST!  I made it through 4 round and was dead.  Prescribed weight was #135 for men and #95 for women.  I could do 95 healthy but didn’t want to mess with my back…so I did 65 and it was still a beast.

Pretty boring post, I know but give that a try.  And also this fabulous non-fitness pic!



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