Its a lifestyle…

How often do we hear this?  “I am not on a diet…its a lifestyle.” “I am XYZ…its a life style.”  Well, let me tell you what I’ve learned….”I don’t go to the gym….crossfit is a lifestyle.”  Real life people.  When I joined the hubs legit thought I was leaving him for a cult.  Six months later….he is chugging the Kool-Aid (the paleo kind don’t worry!) and now has been for over a year.  And the people I had spent all this time with welcomed him with open arms, some obscene language (“dude, your wife has a great snatch”), and a weeee bit of dry humping and suddenly he gets “it”.  I don’t know what “it” is but I know I never want to give it back!

cfit cult

I’ve started workout programs, C25K, P90X, joining a gym, every workout video known to man kind.  You know what…that didn’t work for me.  I know it works for lots of people but not this girl.  I need accountability; I need people to be like “Biotch…where you at?!”; I need people to push me; I need people to scream in my face; I need others to drive me that extra rep, round, or mile.  Honestly, without crossfit I can’t imagine where I’d be.



(still funny people…still funny!)

The hubs and I moved to small town North Carolina almost 4 years ago.  Crossfit gave us friends, a life, people who “got us”, and a family.  Our family lives about 14 hours away…all of them.  We eat family dinner every Wednesday (yes, we actually call it CFFD…crossfit family dinner), we eat breakfast on Saturdays, we have cookouts, pool parties, we suffer through WODs together, we cry, we laugh, there are kids (and a new baby coming in February), and so much more.  Its about when you can bring your real parents to the 4th of July madness, your real dad drinks moonshine and knocks out on a hammock and its still cool, and people love it.  Its about bringing your mom and dad and saying “parents, meet maw-maw and pop-pop” and nobody thinks twice.


(some man chicken fights on the 4th)


(lord only knows!)

(Dad post moonshine, pre-hammock!)

We started as a real small box, I was in the first 25 to join.  That group keeps on strong, more have joined, some married in, and ya know what its a little like a cult.  I wouldn’t trade these crazy fools for anything.  They work hard and play harder.



(CFFD this past week…yeah, we roll deep)

I truly believe crossfit is a life style.  Its the only “program” I’ve ever stuck to.  Honestly, it is for the people.  My best advice to anyone looking to start crossfit (yeah because you asked)…find a box with people you love, or can grow to love.  Don’t quit.  Spend the money on your health, it will never not be worth it.



(One of the gym girls and I on the lake)

I am thankful for them, hopefully they like me a little but they haven’t left me out to hang yet.  They are our little big southern family, bless their hearts!  Oh yeah and when we are stretching at the end of a WOD and the coach says “now pull it down, hard, and hold it” and you blurt out “thats what she said” and people things its funny every time….you’ve got some winners!



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2 responses to “Its a lifestyle…

  1. Donna R

    Our box opened in April and I was the first member to join. The day I joined I told Kimmy (the trainer/owner) that I would be her “poster girl”. Although we are not as close-knit as your CF family, we’re still a family. At 42 yrs young and over 200 lbs. I always HATED exercise until I found CF. It has completely changed my mind, my body…my life. I can’t imagine myself not being able to do it. I love your blog. I totally get it. Written next to my name on the board one day it says “prettiest snatch of the day”…this is why we love what we do ❤

    • Absolutely girl!! And we’ve been open for 2 years and a few months….I love it! 🙂 So glad others get to experience the same thing. I also love walking into a different box and being quickly welcomed into their cfit family, because really we are all one big family!

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