W.O.W. #6

Today, I cover the topic of goals.  Recently, our gym put up a huge board devoted to writing our goals down.  Honestly, I came up with nothing (other then my smartass responses like: dont die, show up, drink water, etc.).  Then I was all, I will beat the pregnant girl (who is a badass) in a WOD before she gives birth…then I realized this was ridiculous.

So I decided I would teach myself to breathe during workouts.  Sounds simple you say? It’s really not!  Honestly, I sound like I am giving birth during running WOD’s.  EEhhh, EEhhh, WOOOOO!  Yeah hot mess, party of one.  Sit-ups, same deal…lay down inhale through the nose, sit up…exhale through the mouth like bad child bearing videos.  Clearly, I have figured out breathing…but not moving any faster. Shit happens and I am fine with that.

My next plan was to be the ass who set the goal after 1.5 years of crossfit to run a mile without stopping.  About 2 weeks ago I decided I would run a mile and see how much I had to stop.  Come to find out I made it without stopping.  Goal accomplished, but still nothing to write on the board.

Through this process I have learned it is crucial to have goals, especially in the gym.  I’ve decided I want to get a pull up.  That is gonna take some serious work but I am willing to put it in.  I would like to be more of a badass.  That isn’t very measurable but I feel like I will know it when it happens.  I would love to lift heavier, but that will come in time.

What are your goals?  How are you going to achieve them?  We all need them.  Big or small.  On the scale or not on the scale.  Inches instead of pounds.  Lifestyle instead of fad diets. This my friends is what we need.   Join me on the wagon and get to it.  Write your goals down…achieve them…write new ones down!



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7 responses to “W.O.W. #6

  1. Donna

    Goal #1 was not to throw my toenails up on the new gym floor. Thank God I got past that one. Don’t die was a close 2nd. The first few weeks were not pretty. I’ve had trouble with my knees even before I started so I’m taking a lower body break this week to rest it up. I don’t feel much like a badass this week and it sucks. Next goal is to get better at headstand push-ups and to actually get up the the wall on N2T.

  2. My goal is to get 5 kipping pullups by September 20th. (Right now I’m working on banded kipping pullups to get the motion). After every WOD, I practice for 5-10 minutes. Most of the time my arms are so dead from the WOD, I can’t do much more than 5min…but all it takes is consistant practice.

  3. I must admit my main goal IS a weight one … I have been thinking of other goals though as a friend instituted a “healthy habits competition” where you had to have 5 goals. I’m actually not participating in the competition, but just hearing about it, and about some of the goals others have set really got me to thinking. Set the goal, make a plan to achieve … a goal without a plan is just a wish *Ü*

    • I think the 5 goal thing is great! Be careful on only having a weight goal…the scale can be a lying biotch. Maybe an inches goal? Pair of pants or a shirt? I’m only down like 6 pounds but a full size (or more) and bunches of inches.

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