A Random Thursday (and a list of healthy habits!)

Happy Thursday y’all!  And you know what that means?  Friday is tomorrow!  This post is going to be chalk full of random so buckle in for the ride!  Also, you are quickly going to learn I love lists (kind of like “I love lamp” but lists…get it?  do ya?)

This week I have felt like shit (and thats the nicest way to describe it).  I have no energy, a dull annoying headache, my sinuses are backed up, my back is killing me, blah blah blah.  Whiny aren’t I?  I’ve been sleeping WAY more then usual (8-10 hours a night and knocking out mid-afternoon); like can’t keep my eyes open, heinous bitch style of exhausted.  Don’t believe me?  Ask the hubs!  He’s been great and not pushing my buttons and I’ve been an awful human to live with lately.  I am banking on the fact it is allergies and PMS (which usually has no effect on me but watch out society!).  Fingers crossed by tomorrow I am human again, since today has been better (and I’ve decided that overdosing on allergy meds, vitamin C, iron, and fish oil is the solution).


Ever heard of the term “hot mess”?  Yeah, its a southern thing.  After skipping the gym Tuesday, going today at 9am and nobody being there I decided 12 it had to be.  Remember all the above problems?  Yeah…I was a ball of joy.  Also I am still in a very bad pissing contest with pull-ups.  Honestly, they make me want to cry.  One of the coaches at the gym who works out at noon has been helping me so we worked on those before the WOD and after lifting.  Then we WOD’d and I had a decent pace going.  It was 14 minutes of 10 slamballs, 15 sit ups, and a lap of lounges.  I got 5 full rounds and then through all but 1/2 lap of lunges.  Then I looked like this (the smile is fake and for your benefit)…


That my friends is a hot mess!  The sunglasses are covering up my enormous black circles (adding to my sexy hot mess self).  My shoulders look weird now that I look at that pic.  My hair however, is tamer then it was in real life.   You’re welcome for that sexiness to make your Thursday.

Want to know some crap I can’t stand?

1. People who cut you off then drive slower then a turtle stuck in peanut butter.

2. Know it alls.  Feel free to state your opinion but biotch you aren’t always right, step off!

3. Cheaters.  Generally in all aspects of life but specifically in the gym.  If you can’t count to 15 you probably should work on that before you join a gym.  Then don’t brag about your time because you are a cheating mo-fo!

4. People who let their kids run crazy pants in stores.  No lie I saw a woman with 6 kids in the grocery store the other day and they were climbing the lobster tank.  I swear I thought they were going to break the tank as did the butcher guy who had to tell them to get down…5 times.  I get that sometimes kids to stuff or pitch a fit in public but really control them or don’t bring them all!  Hot damn!

5.  When clothes are not the size they should be.  I got a L shirt the other day and my arms didn’t fit.  Legit like BAM why do you have sleeves like that?  I swapped someone for an XL and they are still tight on my arms.  WTF!?  I do not have big arms.  I usually wear a womens M/L or a mens S/M.  XL on this one it is.  I will say the company was amazing about trading out!

Need a good laugh?  Every watched songs in real life on youtube?  Its pretty much the bomb dot com.  Here is the 4th one they have made that recently came out.  Watch the first 3 too.  Be sure it is these people though and not the rip off ones.

Ok, now that I’ve rambled for a long ass time here are some of my favorite healthy tips.

1. Take a water bottle, jam some fruit (lemon, lime, apple, orange, whatever), fill it halfway with water and freeze it over night.  I do this with my Nalgene every night.  Keeps my water super cold and I just fill it the rest of the way and drink, drink drink.  I like the flavor, and it stays all day as the ice melts.  Fruity deliciousness!

2. Don’t feel like going to the gym?  Best advise I ever got was put on your socks and shoes, tie them.  Then convince yourself you don’t want to go.  Seems stupid to not go since your dressed and ready huh?  This is 80% of my battle when I don’t feel like going.  Once I have those shoes on they stay on until I work out (and I hate shoes, so its immediately).  Example: when I showed up to WOD at 9 today and nobody else came.  I didn’t want to WOD alone.  I left my shoes (nanos) at the gym so I had to go back at 12, knowing I wouldn’t leave them there.  I did, and got my WOD on.

3.  Know your body!  Are you really injured or looking for an excuse?  I have the opposite problem and tend to workout when I am injured which just makes it worse.  You’ve got to know your body and when something is sore vs. when it is hurt.  I am still working on learning this, but its a work in progress.

4.  Get some friends! Working out with buddies is always more fun (just don’t get so distracted you miss the workout part).  Also, have some friends that you don’t workout with so you have an outlet.  Says the girl who hangs out with 97% people from the gym.  Yes, that is an exact number.  I calculated it.  Step off!

5. You’ve got to do this for you.  Not because someone else wants you to.  That doesn’t mean that you don’t have accountability buddies, or someone to push you when you want to quit, or some other motivators.  However, ultimately you’ve got to be in this thing for yourself its the only way it will stick.

6.  Make time! Everyone is busy!  We could all use another hour of sleep.  Life is chaotic, yeah we get it.  Trust me you can find an hour, or a half hour, or whatever to workout.  Can’t make a WOD because of scheduling?  Do something at home, but don’t let it be a reason to not workout that day.  I read something online the other day that every time she got up to pee she did 25 squats.  How brilliant is that?!  Figure you pee 8 times a day (more if you are drinking the right amount of water)…that is 200 squats!  Boom and it takes what 2 minutes to do that?

7.  Mix it up.  I’ve said it a million times.  This is why I love crossfit.  Its never the same.  Every WOD is different.  When you do a hero or girl WOD its a long time before you do the same one again.  I couldn’t do the same thing every day, every week, whatever.  My routine is to go to the gym not having a “legs day” or whatever.  That works great for some, but not for me.

8.  Have fun!  Yeah, the workout is gonna suck.  It should!  That is how you know it works.  You should be having some fun with it.  Know that you are getting better, stronger, faster, more badass every day.

Well party people.  That is what I have for you on this Thursday.  We’ve got gym girls night tomorrow and its going to be amazing!  I am thrilled and can not wait!  Happy almost weekend!

Oh and one last thing…speaking of lists.  BAHAHA!!



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