Weekend Wrap Up!

Readers digest version: lots of WODing, tons of friends, drinking, and eating.

Long version:  Friday night we had girls night at my house.  It was a blast.  We ate, had drinks, hung out, ya know the usual girl stuff.  Saturday morning we did the “Hot Shots 19” WOD at the gym.  It sucked and goes a little somethin’ like this:

6 rounds:
30 air squats
19 power cleans
7 pull-ups
400m run

Some of us did it in partners, and some did it single.  We had guys at our gym in fire gear, in face masks, etc.  It was madness!  We had to do 2 heats because of the turn out which was awesome.  Here are some fun pictures (they aren’t great and off my phone):

IMG_4074Panoramic shot


Matt doing cleans


Jimmy on his last run in


Tommy on pull ups with the mask on!

Saturday night we all pretty much laid low.  Sunday we went rafting in the mountains and it was a blast!  I’ve got about 250 pictures but I won’t bore you with them all (just 15 of my favorites).  We all tied up together and it took about 2.5-3 hours to go down.  We were moving slow, drinking a beer (or two), stopped at some scenic spots, and oh yeah got down poured on.


Before we started (yeah, we waited out the rain)


Logan and Kevan floating and having a beer


Then there was that moment Michelle decided to run over 14 floats to get Richard…didn’t go great!


Father & Son


Just floating along….


Nora and I floating together!


“ummmm anyone see that rain cloud coming for us?” 2 seconds later!


People attempting to take cover…Note Joe in the background chillin’


Richard laughed in the face of the rain!


Logan decided to take JK off her float (brother & sister…and we are in maybe 16″ of water)


Rain protection detail!


It cleared up just as fast as it rolled in


The girls (picture take 52893)


The guys


The whole group when we stopped to hang out

Rafting was an amazing time, and in good Crossfit style we went back and hung out at the gym for a bit.  Monday we did a team WOD at 9am and everyone was exhausted so another lay-low day.

All in all was a fabulous weekend!  Ate pretty decent, drank a few too many beers, had an amazing time.  I am sure we will be working it off this week in the gym as seen by todays workout of 4 rounds: 800m run, 10 push press, and 15 front squats.  Was a doozie but a good time.

How was your weekend?  Did you balance the holiday with some good workouts?

Happy belated Labor day everyone!





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4 responses to “Weekend Wrap Up!

  1. So cool to hear others talkin about the “hotshots 19” WOD 🙂 It was CRAZY!

  2. Donna

    I missed the Hotshots WOD. (After 5 days of Crossfit I need a break.) I did go in on Labor Day and we did a fun partner WOD. Met a new friend. Seeing some new faces in our little gym. Our little family is growing…yay! Btw I love your blog and get all excited when I see your new post in my email 🙂

    • New crossfit friends are the best!! Its so exciting when your gym starts to grow 🙂 Its been really cook to be one of the first 25 or so and watch it grow to over 100 and we are still tight knit. Glad you enjoy the blog! Means a lot, and is exciting to know someone in the world is reading it!

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