W.O.W. #7

As always…its Wednesday so linking up with Skinny Meg!  If you haven’t yet go check her out and all the girls on the link up!  Remember me talking about goals?  Well I’ve moved into stubborn ass mode on pull-ups and have a goal date of October 4th to get my first on (thats also my 1/2 birthday…yeah, I am that girl!).  One of the amazing coaches at the gym is helping me.  Here is my plan!

I work on pull ups every Monday, Wednesday, Friday.  No excuses.  It doesn’t matter if they are in the WOD, if we did them the day before, if I am tired, if my hands hurt (and they do!).  Rule #76 people!



So I WOD in the morning and if I am not going to have time to go back to the gym then I work right after the WOD.  I try to go back at 12 so that I’ve had some break time but I don’t always have that option.  I am following this plan.  I started it Monday officially.  If you pull this up on your phone looks like you are supposed to do all the day 1 for the first 5 weeks on day 1.  That’s not the case.  Don’t do that.  I am an idiot.

After I do that I work on lat holds (this is what I call them, who knows what they are called).  I jump up and hold the pull up bar then flex my lats, hold for 5 seconds for 3 reps before I drop off the bar.  I do this 5 times (15 total holds).  I take 2-3 minutes between each set.  Its called “active hanging” in this picture.  Notice he is pulled up and fully engaged.  His head is back, his arms are fully extended, and his feet are together (you can’t see that…duh!).  Let me tell you after 3 days of these when I did negatives today I found my lats (contrary to my prior statements at the gym “I don’t think I have lats”).



The last thing I do is have someone hold my feet and help me up doing pull-ups.  This is a hot mess but I am getting better at it.  I do as many of these as I can.  Today, I did 2 sets of 5; by the 3rd one I was pretty much being pushed up but last week the 1st one was like that.  Progress not perfection, people!

I’ve talked about wanting a pull up forever.  Something finally lit the fire under my butt and I am determined.  That is all it takes for me; a swift kick to the ass.  If you have any desire to keep your hands pretty, that isn’t going to happen.  Mine currently look like this (yes, those lines are rapidly getting callused and going to tear soon):


That is the story for WOW this week!  What is a new skill you are trying to learn?  How are you working towards this?  What was the final motivator?

And in conclusion a very sexy post WOD pic for you!  MMMMM sweat everywhere! IMG_4118



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5 responses to “W.O.W. #7

  1. Good job for setting goals for yourself! I am also working on pullups. I currently working on kipping…but banded. I think our rule at our box is that we should be able to do one strict pullup before we start with kipping pullups.

    • I’ve debated so much on wanting to go straight to kipping or work on straight. I’ve decided straight to start. I am doing some work on the kipping motion (lat holds, and jumping pull ups with the push back on WODs when they are there). I am shooting for 7-10 before I work on kipping for “real”. Lots of research to show rotator tears in women (more then men) when you go straight to kip when you can’t actually pull up your own weight. Just my decision though — everyone is different.

      Let me know when you get yours! We can “celebrate” together. 🙂 Best of luck and know that someone in the world is feeling your pull-up pain!

      • I can’t wait to get it…but I will for sure let you know when I do. I want to have someone take a video! 🙂

        Good luck, keep practicing! We will for sure CELEBRATE together!

  2. Ouch! Those hands look like they hurt. I’m not sure if I even want to do a pullup. I must admit, I like watching hubby do them though!

    • Girl….some days I am not sure I really want to do one! They are sore but I will tough it out. And there isn’t much better then watching the hubby do pull ups! mmmmm….mmmmm……goodness!

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