Are you ready for some football?

We are!!  As a born and raised Bostonian we are obviously Pats fans in this house.  First, regular season game was today.


And we all know what Football Sundays mean….food, friends, beer, etc.  This can lead to a paleo hot mess.  So in honor of football season every Sunday I will create, consume, and post a traditional football food paleo style.  My poor, poor test dummies.  Don’t worry even if it flops you’ll still get the run down on it.  Todays feature: Paleo Taco Dip.  Randomly, I was craving some type of hot dip but couldn’t find anything on line (in the 45 seconds I searched) that tickled my fancy.  So I “invented” this.

Side story: As I was creating it in the kitchen hubs asked where I found it.  I said “I made it up!”.  His response “oh good…that sometimes ends well…”.  Our friend Michelle was over to watch the game and laughed a good deal at this.

Paleo Taco Dip:
1lb ground turkey
1 package paleo taco seasoning (make sure you read it and that it doesn’t have other “stuff”
1 can fire roasted diced green chili peppers
container so salsa (or you can make your own; I bought the fresh stuff)
fresh cilantro
1 can olives

Steps (list style because I dig it!):
1. Pre-heat oven to 350
2.  cook the ground turkey
3. add the taco seasoning and water as directed; cook off the water
4. add the can of fire roasted diced green chili peppers
5. Put the turkey mixture in the bottom of an oven safe pan
6. Layer up the rest of the “stuff” except the cilantro. I put it in this order: guacamole, olives, salsa.


7. Throw it in the oven for 15 minutes.  When its done put the fresh chopped cilantro on top.  (excuse my fuzzy picture I was real excited to eat).

IMG_41648. Chop up veggies of your choice (things that scoop work well, I would use celery next time too) and eat up!
Happy to report this one is a win! Got 2 thumbs up from everyone here.  And 3 of us maybe ate half the pan.  What…it was lunch…back off!

Happy Football season!  What are your favorite snacks?  Who is your team?  What’s the best part about the season for you?





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2 responses to “Are you ready for some football?

  1. Go Steelers 🙂 your dip sounds great! has a really good spinach dip too

  2. has really great everything! I’ll definitely check out the spinach dip! That was initially what I was looking for when I invited the one above (yeah, I know not spinachy at all but win some lose some!).

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