Plague and a Recipe

I had big dreams for football food on Sunday (big dreams read: apple crisp).  I had big dreams for lots of things this weekend.  Saturday I woke up and kinda felt like junk.  I assumed it was because I was really sore from hard workouts all week and allergies.  One of the crossfit kids had a birthday party on Saturday, so we headed over there.

I made it about two hours before I felt like complete death.  We got home and I went to bed (hoping it was still allergies).  At about 9pm I had realized it was not and clearly was sickness.  Sunday and Monday I was down and out.  No eating, no gym, no functioning.  Just high fever, vomiting (sexy I know), achy, headache, coughing, sinus congestion, and so much more.  Its like every virus I’ve ever had rolled into one big back of suck and dropped into my body.

cutcaster-photo-800984664-Sick-Cartoon-Woman(Pretty sure this is what I looked like)

Side story…Monday I had an appointment I had to keep.  Let’s keep in mind I had not held down anything but saltines and gatorade in 3 days at this point.  I decided some chicken noodle soup would be harmless since I had to drive and didn’t want to pass out.  I had to stop for gas about 3 miles from home and proceeded to puke my brains out in the gas station trash can at 2pm.  The poor guy across the way looked mortified.  Oh well…you know me…always keeping it classy.

Its Tuesday now and the fever is gone (don’t know how went to bed with 102.3 last night woke up with nothing this AM).  I am still coughing my brains out (to the point of scaring the dog).  It seems as though the flu parts are gone and I’m just stuck with the sinus/congestion/chest cold stuff.  Its possible this may not kill me.  I am hoping to go back to the gym tomorrow.  I am only going to do pull up progression and burpees and not WOD until I feel less like death.

In happier news I do have a recipe for you.  Paleo Shepards Pie! MMMmmmm!  I don’t eat red meat so I used BBQ pork.

2-3lbs pork loin/butt/whatever you want just a hunk
paleo bbq sauce (I make my own, you can also buy it)
2 heads cauliflower
6-8 carrots
1 yellow onion
almond milk
olive oil

I pre-made my bbq on Sunday.  I just throw the hunk of pork in the crock pot for like 6-7 hours then shred it apart with 2 forks and dump bbq sauce on it.
IMG_4188Then I line the bottom of an 8×10 pan with the bbq and dump more sauce on top of it.  In my world there is never too much sauce because some will absorb when it bakes later.



Then I chop up the carrots and onions and sauté them in a fry pan until the onions are transparent and the carrots are cooked.

While those are cooking up boil your cauliflower.  I chop it up into big chunks and boil it until it is cooked (use a fork and if it cuts a piece in half easily its done).


Then I put it in my handy food processor with a little olive oil, almond milk, salt, pepper, and garlic (all to taste I just sort of dump and taste as I go).  Turn on your food processor and watch the magic happen.  It should look like mashed potatoes when its done.  Add more almond milk if it isn’t creamy enough for your liking.


Then layer all that up.  Pork, veggies, mashed cauliflower.


Then bake it in the oven for 40 minutes at 350.  I then throw it on broil for 10 minutes so the top is a little brown.  Let it cool for a few minutes, chop it up, and Enjoy!!

Happy Tuesday people!


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