I’m baaaacckkk!!

People being sick this go around kicked the crap out of me!  We are doing a burpee challenge and I missed enough days and ended up 400 behind.  Know what sucks?  Being 400 burpees behind.  I caught up.  Now I am behind again.  Epic Fail!

Last Monday I went back to the gym.  All I did was warm up, pull up work, and burpees. I couldn’t catch my breath, I was wheezing, but I did it.  Slowly but surely.  I did the same thing Tuesday.  Wednesday I started WODing again.  I am still not back 100%; maybe like 90%?

I dropped a total of 10 lbs from being sick.  I am trying to keep them off (ish); apparently eating again will bring about 3 back.  I know I owe you guys measurements.  Because the scale is a liar…a dirty lying whore.  True story!  I definitely look smaller post sickness so I will take it.

Just wanted to drop a quick update and let you know I am alive and back to the blogging world.  My cousin has been in town this week so we are doing fun things.  Fun things to be defined as: crossfitting, massages, family dinner, a trip to the beach, etc.  Updates to come soon!

Oh and as always…



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