Ok people here it is.  I re-started tracking back on June 24th.  My measurements that day were as follows:

Right Arm – 14″
Right Thigh – 25.75″
Hips – 44″
Bust – 33.5″
Weight – 195

On Friday October 4th they were as follows:

Right Arm – 13″ (I suspect they are getting bigger b/c there is a gun hiding in there suddenly!)
Right Thigh – 24″
Hips – 40″
Bust – 31.75″
Weight – 180.5 (I attribute some of these lbs to the plague)

That is a total inch loss of…9.5 inches in 4 months and it is staying off.  I will take it!!  I am definitely getting stronger and setting new lift records.  The pull up stubbornness continues but I’ll be damn if its not getting close.  My negatives have gone from falling to the floor to 7-10 seconds.  I can do a baby jump and get my chin over the bar with a very fancy leg flailing (think breast stroke legs but not in the water…its quite comical).

Need some visual proof?  Here are some pics!

6.24 front 10.4 front
         June 24th                                                               Oct 4th

6.24 side 10.4 side
June                                                                             October

Mid-November I will re-meausre and take pics in the original outfit for “true” comparison purposes.  The June pics are not cute and what has possessed me to put them here is beyond me.  Also the blue top is a Medium and is baggy and the shorts are a large (both Nike brand which apparently runs smaller because the tiny people at the gym buy a size bigger in them…whoop).

Another victory.  I bought shorts for my honeymoon (in June of 2007) with hopes they would fit.  Yeah, never happened (and I was low 160’s then).  I took the tags off those bad boys and wore them yesterday with room to spare!  See more proof the scale is a lying whore and you should stay off it!  It’s hard I know but don’t let it define you!

More posts to come this week!  I am really going to make apple crisp I’ve been promising too!  I also plan to attempt paleo pizza this week (1 hawian with BBQ and pine apple, and one with some crazy stuff).  And I know football Sunday posts have been missing in action but life happened (more details on that some day).  Ill be back this Sunday.



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7 responses to “Measurements!

  1. Great progress! YOU LOOK GREAT!!! Keep up the good work lady!

  2. Donna

    Since I started CF in April I’ve lost 8% body fat and 13 (ish) pounds. I still haven’t figured out how your body can change SO much without a significant amount of weight loss. That s*&t baffles me…for real.

    • Get it girl! This is why the concept of the number on the scale is totally shit! Muscle takes up less space then fat. My body has changed soooo much since I started but I am only down 18ish pounds. Stick to it and keep on rocking it. Oh, and throw the scale away.

      • Donna

        I used to weigh daily but I don’t anymore. I get on there maybe once a month just to see if there is a difference. I can’t stay in the 190’s forever…it HAS to go down at some point!

      • It does and it will…but don’t let it frustrate you! I was stuck at 191 for a long time. Then I was stuck around 187…then BAM. Seriously get a tape measure and do some basic measurements and track that way. I pulled tags off shorts I bought in 2007 for my honeymoon that didn’t fit (wouldn’t button) and I weighed 165 then. They slid on with room to spare at 180. Up 15 pounds and more things fit. Seriously get a tape measure! 🙂 Keep rocking it you’ll get there.

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