Buffalo Wings

Again, we are still alive.  Remember how I said we’d be really busy?  This is no lie!  We finally decided to buy a house!  So life has definitely been a little crazy around here and the days have escaped us.  More details coming soon in a post of their own, but I don’t suspect things will get any less crazy anytime soon.

Now onto the wings!  Football food people!!  Technically, we didn’t eat until the baseball game last night (GO SOX!) but we will call it football.  Who doesn’t love a buffalo wing?  The hubs spent about 6 weeks trying to perfect this recipe.  Its actually pretty simple and you’d never know its paleo.

Here is what you need!
– wings (I use the big package, 3lbs maybe?)
– coconut oil
– Franks red hot
– onion powder
– garlic powder
– ground mustard
– olive oil
– smoked paprika
– 1 gallon zip lock bag

Now cut your wings apart and put them in the zip lock bag.  Add in smoked paprika, ground mustard, onion powder, garlic salt, and olive oil.  I just give each a few good shakes.  As far as the olive oil goes it should just be there to help the spices stick to the wings so maybe like 1/4 cup tops?  Then shake the bag like crazy so everything gets on all the wings.


Let that sit (ya know for good measure and letting the flavors sink in) and pre-heat the oven on broil.  The empty the wings out on the broiler pan and line them up all pretty (you don’t have too I am just a little OCD).


Broil those babies for 10-12 minutes on each side.  They will be a little crispy and look delish.  While this is happening get out a sauce pot and put in a heaping tablespoon of coconut oil and about half the bottle of Franks Red Hot.  Heat that up and let it boil and simmer.  The goal is that it thickens up as it heats.


Then take the wings out and throw them in a large glass bowl  and dump the Franks mixture over it.  Toss them so they are covered in the sauce.  Eat up!

IMG_4573  IMG_4574
Here is the real secret.  Usually, we do not broil them.  We throw those babies on the grill and cook the same way.  However, someone (cough::me::cough::cough) who is responsible for filling the propane tank forgot (for about 3 weeks).  Also if you don’t have a grill broiling gets the job done and is almost as tasty.

Enjoy these bad boys!

Go SOX!  Game 5 tonight!!


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