Y’all let me give you a quick list of the things I don’t much care for… (how southern was that!)
1.  outdoors
2. bugs
3. bears
4. snakes
5. the cold (hence moving south)
6. sleeping on the ground

So when the 3rd annual Crossfit camping trip was planned what did the hubs and I decide to do.  Go of course!  Who wants to miss what is promised to be a hot mess?  We didn’t go last year and when recapping why last night he said “I had only been at the gym like 3 months and I though you guys were all crazy…no way was I going out to the woods with that group”.

So I have just finished packing the car, hubs is on his way home, and then we are headed up to the 26 degree or less mountains until Sunday (unless of course I fall apart and come home sooner).   So we’ve dug out our New England clothes, our fat kid clothes (I am planning to wear so much that I have to go back into my stuff when I was bigger), bought a new tent, sleeping bags, heater (which apparently will burn down the tent), and folding chairs.

Lets talk about food for this event.  I am super picky, hubs is not.  The group is making soup tomorrow night and we are doing all breakfasts together.  I made chicken in the crock pot last night and it is packed.  I got s’more stuff (yeah, yeah, call the paleo police), trail mix, Lara bars, and of course bacon.  We maybe also packed a bottle of vodka, and 3 cases of beer.  So call me 70% paleo this weekend.


The plan calls of hiking tomorrow assuming I don’t get eaten by a bear or freeze to death tonight (both of which I suspect will occur).  We are driving my Hyundai and not the truck in case I decide to sleep in it.  Also, I might have looked up hotels and there are some within a reasonable distance.  Have we mentioned I have never been camping before?

Fingers crossed we like it because we bought a lot of crap to pull this off.  Also, that I do not starve, get eaten by a bear, freeze to death, fall down the mountain hiking, or anything else awful.  Did I mention that at 4pm it was already down to 40 degrees and windy….woooo!!


Ill post house updates and video when we get back if I am alive still 🙂  Happy weekend y’all!


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