Hey All!  Good news we survived camping.  It was chilly the first night but nothing a tent heater didn’t fix (aka it got so damn warm in there I was down to a sports bra and yoga pants).  The second night was insanely windy…like we got in tents at 10:30 because we had wind burn.  Overall, was a fun trip and we will definitely go again!  Somehow I managed to take no pictures.  WTF self!? It was cold and my hands were generally in gloves or on a beer.

We went to the Pats game on Monday.  That my friends was a blast!  We maybe started pre-tailgating at 2pm, then tailgating, then the game.  It was excellent!  Little to say I did not make the gym yesterday.  Oops!  We had some of the gym guys over to tailgate and his only statement about this situation was “Damn you Yankees sure know how to party!”  Heck yeah we do!  Its Pats football…its what we do!  Here we are in the parking lot having some serious fun.
We are headed off to the beach for a week on Saturday.  It is where we spend Thanksgiving and it is amazing.  Thus, I will have lots of time to blog!  Get ready for some of my favorite recipes (from others), Thanksgiving paleo style, and the reason I started using my fitness pal; and maybe if I get crazy a random photo dump.  I also swear there is a house post coming but I don’t want to jinx anything until we have keys in hand which is crazy soon!!

For now get your butts in the gym and eat well…don’t let the holidays kill you!


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