Workout on the Go!

Greetings from the beach!  I got here Saturday and its been beautiful.  Every year at Thanksgiving the hubs and I go to the beach for a week, we deep fry turkey, make paleo sides, and don’t do a heck of a lot.  My plans for this week include working out, making a baby quilt, reading, and thats about it!  This is our view from the deck at sunset last night.


Anywho, the purpose of this post is to prove my point that you can workout anywhere.  We usually go to a different beach where there is a cross fit down the street; here not so much.  It is 45 minutes away and I am not about to spend vacation in the car.  So I borrowed some kettle bells from our gym, and brought a jump rope and ab mat with me.  I’ve moved to a 3 on 1 off schedule but wanted to be off on Thanksgiving day so altered it a little.  What you don’t pack a bag that has this in it for vacation?


Heres the run down of the week plan:

Saturday: I went early to get a good lift in to our home gym (120lb clean squat PR…what?! what?!), and did the team WOD before I hit the road.

Sunday: (should have been an on day but ya know…) took the dog for about a 1.5 mile run down the beach; beach running is hard y’all!  It wasn’t fast and we were both real tired after that.  Counted this as an “off” day so I don’t have to workout on Thanksgiving.

Monday: scheduled double day.  Wod 1: 21-15-9 burpees & goblet squats.  Wod 2: tabata sit up, 1 min rest, tabata push up.  Tabata is 20 seconds work 10 seconds rest for 8 rounds.

Tuesday: 3 rounds of 400m run (I will use my phone app to measure this out on the road outside), 21 kb swings, 12 push ups

Wednesday: scheduled double day.  Wod 1:  9-15-21 KB snatch, lateral burpees over the ab mat.  Wod 2: 8x400m run with a break equal in time to length of run between each

Thursday: rest day

Friday: 50-40-30-20-10 Double unders (aka triple the singles for me), air squats, sit-ups, walking lunges, pistols (gotta practice so will go down as much as I can).

Saturday: we pack and drive home…I may try to hit the gym when I get back at night b/c I’ll be car stir crazy and need to WOD.  Ill just snipe one from the week and maybe do Annie too.

That my friends is the plan.  There is no reason you can’t workout without a gym, while on vacation.  Don’t have a kettle bell?  Get a bag of apples or something.  There is plenty of things to do to substitute; don’t make excuses why you can’t, make reasons why you can!  Heck get a hardcore 20 minutes in and BAM back to vacation you go.

Don’t want to have to bring anything with you?  Check out this website I found.  Its pretty great!



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