2 months and a lot has happened!

Hey all!


Clearly, I’ve vanished for 2 months (and 2 days) but who is counting!  Let me run down quick what has happened in 2 months!

1. We closed on the house
2. We moved into the house (packing, moving, unpacking)
3. We went to Boston for a week
4. I threw a triple birthday/house warming party
5. I went back to work part time (20-35 hours a week)
6. I’ve been working my ass off at the gym the entire time
7. I competed…again…I didn’t die…again…
8. I’ve been cooking a good amount!
9. We got a waffle maker and now I eat a lot of paleo waffles!
10. I think I have re-found my sanity

That my friends means I should be back.  I took Sunday off from the gym, went light Monday and am now back full blown (yeah I know its Wednesday).  Here are my upcoming plans/goals:

1. Do the crossfit open (already registered…just gotta put in work now)
2. Compete again in April (on a team…its me and 3 guys…gotta register)
3. Blog at least twice a week
4. Teach Whitney how to cook paleo
5. Drop more inches
6. Get my house situated
7. Bust ass on my damn dissertation

I am sure I have more goals then that but hell if I know right now!  I am off to hide from the cold and NC snow which has shut us down (its still funny!).  Just wanted to drop a quick update!



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2 responses to “2 months and a lot has happened!

  1. Tatum McGuire

    I just wanted to tell you that you’ve totally inspired/helped to say screw the scale myself. I have put way too much emphasis on the scale in the past and have let it deter me from reaching my goals. This year I am committed to measuring my progress by inches not pounds and I am only weighing myself once a month. So thanks for blogging and keep up the awesome work!!!!!!!

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