2000 Calories…Whaaaat?!

Thats right people.  Doing some revamping of my life plans here.  Note: life is defined by crossfit and diet.  I’ve got some lofty goals by the time we compete in April again.  Thats right…next competition is already on deck!  April 27th me and 3 of the fabulous men from our gym.  We are team Muff N’ Men!  Don’t hate…its awesome.  Also, scope our team logo!

Muff N' Men_edited-1

My goals before this:
1. Have my front squat and back squat over my body weight.
2. Shoot for a deadlift of 300lbs (current 1 rep PR is 275).
3. Drop more inches and hopefully about 10lbs replaced by muscle (yeah, yeah not about the numbers…)
4. Get a string of pull-ups and learn to kip properly.
5. double unders….consistently.
6. Eat more and keep it paleo (aka no being a cheater).

The things I am currently doing to get here….I have started the hatch squat program as of today.  It may kill me based on my current jell-o legs.  Also, stick to my 3 on 1 off rotation and add in running and rowing on some days.  Continue with pull-up progression work.  Don’t worry its confusing; I’ve made a calendar since my week now runs on 8 days not 7.  workout schedule  You see that February is done.  3 days on 1 day off.  Every time it is a day 1 I run (a mile don’t worry nothing crazy…maybe some sprints if I am feeling sassy); every time it is day 3 row intervals, distance, whatever just row.  I am thinking day 2 will be for skill work (HSPU, doubles, etc.).  Then you see two days a week of pull up progression and 2 different days of hatch squat program.  Holla if you’ve got questions about this madness I can de-code.   Yes, I am still WODing on all non-rest days, generally lifting and doing skill work as scheduled at my gym, RX as much as I can, and attempting to super rx lots more stuff (24″ box jumps, #20 wall balls, etc.).


I am upping my calories to 2000 a day on days that I workout since I will be there lots!  I am planning for 1600 on rest days.  People this is hard and a metric crap ton of food.  I sit here writing to you at almost 10pm thinking…I need 300 more calories and it may kill me.  Wanna know what I’m eating every day?  Scope myfitnesspal and I am screwthescale1.  Let me give you todays run down:

Pre gym: black coffee (I’d die without it!)
Breakfast: protein and 1 cup of vanilla almond milk, 2 eggs
Snack: 1 cup of strawberries
Lunch: 6oz of chicken tenders cooked with almond flour dipped in 3 tbs of paleo bbq sauce I made
Snack: apple pie lara bar
Post lift: 1 scoop protein and kill cliff (dunno what this is…recovery drink thats the bomb!  Mix with chocolate protein and tastes like creamsicle
Dinner: 8oz of pork, 3 tbs bbq sauce, 1 sweet potato cut into fries and baked, 1.5 cups of veggies

Seriously….300 more calories.  I am thinking a smoothie (protein, almond milk, fruit maybe?).  I am also working hard to keep a 40/30/30% balance.  That is 40% protein, 30% fat, 30% carbs.  This should drop some weight and let me preform my best.  Eat big…lift big…right?!  That’s what I hear.

Ok, off to locate 300 calories, pack breakfast for me, lunch for hubs and I, and relax!  What are your current goals?  How do you eat good, clean, food and lots of it?  Share what you got!



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2 responses to “2000 Calories…Whaaaat?!

  1. Donna

    My CF goal for this year is to get my toes to the bar. K2E is almost there and N2T is getting closer…and to make a 53#KB my bitch 😁. Food-wise I eat lean meat, lots of veg, fruit, protein powder, healthy fats, a few complex carbs, etc. My trainer has me on a nutrition plan. The goal is to be able to say NO!! to Oreos at this point and actually carb cycle (thanks Winter Storm Leon for locking me in a house for 2 days with a stick thin man who can eat all that crap and not gain an ounce).

    • No is such a tough one!! I still have a house half full of Super Bowl food I need to get rid of ASAP! I’ve been good about not touching it but ugh!!

      you’ve got awesome goals!! Just stick with them. I recently got toes to bar and it was a fluke playing around. I’ve been working on lots of pull up progressions and lat stuff and all of a sudden T2B kinda showed up! Win win

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