Because I now live in the south this is clearly a mandatory post!  Lets all keep in mind I was born and raised in Boston where it snows like a mofo 4 months a year.  They were calling for snow, real deal, legit snow on Tuseday here in NC.  Well party people…I am happy to report we got it.  Tuesday evening didn’t do a much. Hubs was home from work on Wednesday after an hour drive about 2pm (its normally 25-30 minutes).  It snows from Wednesday morning until Tuesday at about 3pm.  We got 10ish inches.  It is awesome.  Other then the fact I am still snowed in at the house because today Hubs went back to work and took the truck.

IMG_5215(our front yard)

The main roads are fine and clear but we live in the back of a neighborhood that doesn’t get plowed or treated at all.  Therefore we wait for it to melt (don’t worry its calling for 70’s next week).  Yesterday was a ball!  This is what our road looks like still!


A crew of us decided to venture out in trucks and go to the gym.  So we snow WOD’d.  We did 3 rounds of 10 goblet squats, 100m sprint, 10 sumo deadlift high pulls, 100m sprint.  But first we posed!


We’ve got some great video…check it out over on instagram.  What!?  You don’t’ follow me….well get to it screwthescale1.  3 of us actually did the WOD but she was taking these pics.  Then we had to teach the kids to play in the snow correctly!  Michelle is also from up north so we know how to roll!  So we tied the sled to the back of the truck and spent 2 hours running laps through the neighborhood.

(Michelle and I gearing up for a record pull of 2 blocks)

One of the kids with 2 of us on the tailgate)

While we were out pulling around behind the truck we found a guy who’s pickup was stuck about 200 yards from his house.  He asked us to sit on the tailgate to weigh it down so he could get it unstuck (ummmm?).   So you bet your ass I looked at him and went “Get in the truck put it in neutral….we crossfit we will push you home!”  And that my friends is what we did!  Here we are right after the truck push for time.  Our new friend was very happy with us.  Crossfit for the win!

IMG_5230(Joe, Me, Jessica, Hubs)

We all had a blast!  Its amazing to me that we had to teach the kids to make snowballs, angels, forts, etc.  Guess when you grow up with it take it fore granted.  A few more pictures of snowy fun for you!

Snow fort our neighbors were building…all adults…with cases of beer behind it! A+)

Because in the south we have tractors not plow trucks!)

Happy Snowmageddon people!  Now it can go away and I am good for about 10 years!



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2 responses to “Snowpocalypse!

  1. Oh fun!!! We area SOOOO over this snow in Wisconsin…I know that the southern states are getting snow and don’t really know what to do with it.

    Good job for teaching those kiddos what to do in the snow! FUN! And have a great WOD!

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