Recipes I love!

I get asked all the time..what are your favorite paleo recipes?  Shit, if I know people….I don’t know what you like.  I know what I like, I know what hubs likes (or what he’s going to eat because I cook), I know what I don’t like…but I do not know what you want to eat!  So I usually respond with a few good websites and then the counter response is “Well what is good on there?”.  People click around….if it looks tasty make it.  Thats what I do.  But hey, I am here to be helpful so I have compiled a list of the top 10 things I am digging right now.  These are in no order and I’ve provided my own little side commentary (you’re welcome!) .  Keep in mind I don’t eat cow so there is none of that listed below.  Sometimes I make it for hubs, but since I can’t tell you if its tasty or not its not making the list.


1. Acorn Squash by Paleomg.  I make this for dinner not breakfast…I am crazy like that.  Its amazing!  Hubs would eat it every meal if I would let him.  My issues with it…it takes a long time and I struggle to cook the egg to the right consistency.  None the less its tasty and a great warm meal on a cold day.

2. Bacon Butternut Squash Soup by Civilized Caveman.  This stuff is the!  I have found that I have to double blend it in the blender to get a real smooth consistency (I have issues with texture).  So I move it from pot to blender to bowl to blender back to pot.  Make sure you take the middle piece out of your blender top and cover it with a towel when you carefully blend or you will have a real bad hot explosion…trust me on this one.  This is also great left over or frozen.  I almost always make a double batch because we go through that much of it!

3.  Protein Bites by Paleomg.  I made these for the last competition I did and holy crap they were a life saver.  Great between workouts.  Very tasty.  No texture issues.  And the whole gym LOVED THEM!  Know whats cool…when 40 people walk around a competition talking about your balls.  Yup…real cool team.   I like to keep em in the house now for a quick bite.  Also, I use chocolate protein because I am a badass like that.

4.  Crockpot Mexican Chicken by Me.  Ready for this…throw chicken breast in your crockpot, dump salsa on it, crock for 6 hours.  Whip up some cauliflower rice and serve it together.  Can you say easy peasy?  This is one of my quick go to meals because I can throw it together in about 14 seconds flat and not worry about it.  No, it doesn’t matter what kind of salsa you use…again whatever you like.  Sometimes I get crazy and use a jar and some fresh stuff…WOAH!

5.  Sausage with peppers and onions by Me.  Yeah 2 in a row.  82.7% of the time I am all for quick and easy.  I boil italian sausages then put a little grill on them in a pan.  I use frozen peppers and onions especially if I am cramped for time them BAM…dinner in 20.

6.  Chick-fil-a Chicken Nuggets by Stupid Easy Paleo.  If you do not live in the south and haven’t had Chick-fil-A you don’t know what you are missing.  Don’t worry I didn’t either.  But good news…you can now make these at home and paleo style.  They are real good!!  Make sure the oil in the pan is super hot or it will all go to hell in a hand basket.  And yes, soak the chicken in pickle juice.  I don’t know why but it works so do it!

7.  Shepard’s Pie by Me.  I like this because its mostly left overs!  I also am slightly obsessed with pulled pork currently.  Hubs isn’t a huge fan of this and he’d much rather acorn squash but it works.  And again you get some good leftovers for lunches!

8.  Spaghetti Squash Pizza Pie by Paleomg.  This is a new one from Julie (yeah, I talk about her like we are friends and she doesn’t know I exist…don’t judge me!).  I’ve already made it twice and its on the menu for this week again.  I add all sorts of crazy stuff….pepperoni, peppers, bacon…whatever you like on your pizza throw it in there!  Someone at work added mushrooms and olives and said it was amazing (I like neither mushrooms nor olives but word on the street is tasty).

9.  Brownies by Elanas Pantry.  These are fudgey, chocolate, gooey, amazingness!  Yeah, paleo police me….use dark chocolate it…call it a treat.  You’ll thank me for bringing this into your life and Elana for creating it.  I’ve made about 6,000 brownie recipes and as far as standard brownies with no frills go these are the best!

10.  Chocolate Chip Cookies by Paleo Plan.  There are some BAD paleo cookie recipes out there…this is not one of them.  Its actually the only one I use when I make cookies anymore.  The gym kids love and eat them and generally don’t notice a difference.

Are you still reading?  Why?!  You should be in the kitchen or at the store buying stuff to make these awesome recipes.  What are some of your favorites out there?  Clearly you can tell the websites I like based off my list.  Enjoy!


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