The Crossfit Open


It is upon us party people!  14.1 is in the books.  What?! You don’t know what the open is?!  Its pretty much 5 weeks of workouts that qualifies people for regionals, which qualifies them for the Crossfit games, which is what you see on tv.  There are a crap ton of people who do the open.  Its “fun” and lets you see where you measure up world wide against everyone else who signed up.  Need more details about the logistics?  Go here!


The workout is released on Thursdays at 8pm EST.  Its big news.  Our box all sit around and watch it like little kids about to open a present.  They tell you the workout then 2 of the best go head to head and do the WOD.  Its pretty bad ass.  Then you have until Monday at 8pm EST to log your score.  That means its 4 days of getting a game plan, trying to the best you can, figuring out if you want to do it again, and generally being mind fucked by the workout.  Let me break down my last 4 days.

Thursday 740pm sitting on the gym floor, exact words out of my mouth “Zack…my snatch sucks can we work on it at some point after 14.1 because we know its gonna show up?”  He complies because he’s the bomb like that.

Thursday 8pm workout released.  It is:

About 15 minutes later I realize the snatch isn’t the issue its going to be that on a really good day I can string 8-10 double unders, and on the other 361 days a year I can get 1 or 2.  The frustrate me and the suck.  My game plan quickly becomes do the WOD Friday and be done.

Friday morning I get up and go to work early so I can do the WOD at 12 since my morning buddy had to work.  Get to the box and by some miracle string some good sets together (10, 15, 17, 10, you get me).  Pick put the rope for the WOD…best string 15…it happened once.  Then it went less then well.  I got 136 Friday at noon.  Friday afternoon I go back to the box to help count and score people and I string a bunch of good sets together.  One of the girls beats me by 1 rep.  I instantly decide I am doing that it again.   Did I mention I tore my arms up?


Saturday I regular team WOD’d.  Don’t worry it had double unders and I had some good strings.  Did I mention that both Friday and Saturday night I was having nightmares of double unders and barely slept?  Ridiculous huh?  Like woke up twitching and am reasonably sure that it was because I was “practicing” in my sleep.  I actually considered sleeping with a jump rope …. seriously people…you can’t make this shit up!

Sunday a crew of us met at the box at 2pm.  We WOD’d our butts off.  I got 11 reps better for a score of 147.  By about Sunday at 8pm I felt like I’d been run over by a mack truck.  Is it the best score ever…hell to the no.  Will I take it…not much choice!  My arms are destroyed and one of the girls at the box said it best when she told me I “looked like the after from 50 shades of grey”.  Sounds about right!  Sacrifices people.


The best girl score world wide was 472. That my friends is madness.  As far as eating I am being super paleo, no drinking, etc.  I am keeping as best to my schedule as possible.  Im planning a longer post on those things this week!  Now for 3 days of calm before 14.2 is released!  I also plan to update every Monday night on the results of that weeks open WOD.  Currently I am 44,810 out of 71,317 world wide; and 3,527 out of 5,654 in my region.

Are you doing the open?  How’d you do?  What are you doing to get ready?  What is your strategy?


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