Open Schedule & Things

I really like my 3 on 1 off schedule.  Its done wonders for me.  I actually feel recovered and am not afraid to push real hard for those 3 days knowing an off day is coming.  However, there are only a few short days a week you can do the open WODs.  I am sticking to my schedule as best as humanly possible.  For example, today is an off day.  I will do the open WOD in the morning, do regular team WOD, then my scheduled lift.  Sunday Ill light WOD and do some mobility with a bit of bonus running or rowing (weather pending…).  Monday I may re-do 14.2 or just the regular WOD for the gym.  Lets be real my 14.2 score isn’t going to be great but thats a post for Monday.


Ideally, I’d like to do the open WOD on Friday with the option to re-do Sunday/Monday.  However, I’d rather stick with the schedule my body is used to and figure it out.  This week happens to be the only week that my rest day falls on a Friday for the rest of the open.  Woooo!  I am a routine kinda gal…Its good for me…thus, I am sticking to it!

As far as my eating I have been “super paleo” since the 2nd week of January.  AKA no cheating, no drinking, excessive amounts of water, more veggies, and sticking to the 1600/2000 calorie plan.  Yes, I know counting calories isn’t a paleo thing….it is for me because its how I roll.  I’ve also been getting as close as possible with 40/30/30 (protein, carbs, fat) and generally doing well.  I’ve also been good about not making paleo sweets.  I love them….in a eat a whole batch of cookies kinda way.  I think in 2 months I’ve now had 1 paleo cookie and only because someone brought them to the gym.


Its helping…and I feel good.  Oh, and this morning I slipped easily into my size 10 jeans from before I got married (when by the way I weighed 15 pounds less then I do now).  BOOOO YA!  Take that stupid scale!  I also went and bought new work dresses the other day and all size 10.  BAM!  I was a “14” but probably more of a 16 because it was getting squishy in those 14’s in November.  I will take it any day.  Since we moved I never even unpacked the scale.  I will admit I hop on the one at the gym but it no longer pisses me off, because its not about the number.  Size 10 people….and theres room…way more then last time I got these bad boys on.



Until Monday…may 14.2 be good to you.  Tape up so you don’t tear (Ill have some good pics of this for you Monday…saw worst tears I’ve ever seen last night).  Squat deep.  And remember everyone who didn’t have doubles last week, get up on that bar and try like hell for chest to bar….you’ll never get it if you don’t try.  Ill be right there trying with you!


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