14.2 Recap

14.2 people…OHS and Chest to Bar.  Know what I suck at?  OHS….know what I can’t do…pull ups.  Sounds real fun huh?


We will get to that.  Our gym has decided to do a new thing on release night.  We watch the release, watch the badass’ do it, then two of our people do it!  How cool right.  20 minutes notice…head to head.  Two of our guys went this week and it was real fun to watch.  One of our guys tore up his hands.  Like blood everywhere kinda hot mess.  Wanna see?

photo 1

These were post clean up.  They are deep….he got 131 reps.  Pretty awesome.  One of our girls got 187…it was amazing!  I got to count for her; did I mention how badass she is?  I also counted for our box owner on Friday.  He never, ever, ever lays down after a WOD.  He will take a knee, he will walk it off, he will NOT lay down.  Guess what happened after 14.2?

photo 2Notice Spud our gym dog checking out the issue.  This did not give me great hope for doing well the next morning.  I spent Friday working on kipping progressions (it was scheduled…nothing to do with the WOD).  Yup, got a baby tear but all was fine.

Saturday morning I went to the gym early and had a great friend/coach coming to count.  It took me 1:10 to get the OHS.  I had to dump the bar twice.  Not my finest performance.  I then went to hop up on the bar and tanked on the chest to bar.  Lets be real there was little shot but I tried and thats what I could do.  I was going to take my 10 and be happy with it.

I wod’d Sunday as normal with squat progressions; and then went to the gym Monday afternoon.  I did Mondays WOD (6 rounds: 15 DL #95, 10 BJ, 5 Push Press #95), then I went for a run, then I took a cool down walk with one of the girls and a baby, and went back and chugged my protein because I was starving.  Then did I not being an idiot jump up on the bar and get a chest to bar!!  Imagine my surprise.  At 7:20pm (40 minutes before scores had to be in) I decided to do 14.2 again.  So post all of those things you bet your ass I got my lifters on, yelled for a judge, and got to it.  I dumped the first OHS (bad!), but pulled off the next 10 in about 55 seconds.  I then managed to get 2 chest to bar.  Bumping my score to a 12!  You have never seen someone fight so hard for a chest to bar in your life.  I pretty much did them strict since the kipping was messing me up.


That 12 bumped me 167 spots in the region.  How crazy is that?! You should have seen the happy dancing after I got that first one.  Ill take my 12 any day!  I’ve heard a lot of bitching and whining about the open being too hard, too skill intense, blah blah blah.  People it is supposed to be hard.  You’re suppose to have to fight for it.  How many people couldn’t do a single double under before 14.1?  How many people got their first chest to bar in 14.2?  Or their first OHS at #95/#65?  Its about progress.  Its about trying.  Its not about bitching and complaining.  Use it as a bench mark and give it all you’ve got!  I currently sit 3,453/5,101 in the region, and 42,960/63,301.  I will take that all day.  Do you know why?  Because I know I’ve given both of these workouts 150%.

Moral of the story…get out there…kick butt…rock it as hard as YOU can!  Don’t compare yourself to everyone else.  Do it for you.  Call it a benchmark.  Call it what you want.  Just rock out!



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4 responses to “14.2 Recap

  1. Donna

    I got a big ole score of 1 on 14.1 only because it wouldn’t let me submit a 0. At this point with my old crabby knees I can’t even do singles, but our box has 2 teams so I did a scaled version with mountain climbers and rx snatch and got 5+ rounds in just for team points. 14.2 was better I managed to get the ohs in 30 sec which left me 2.5 min to work on kips lol. I was worried about the ohs I’m pretty sure I pr’d that day. I’m on my last series of Euflexxa injections for my knees and they’re improving every week so I’m hoping to be able to step things up a little more. Congrats on your c2b that’s awesome!!! I remember some previous posts you were working on pull ups so I was wondering if you’d gotten them. I’m still too fat to get up to the bar lol! But I’m working on it….and hey I’m in a MUCH better place today than I was a year ago. 😏

    • Its all about being in a better place! You don’t have anything to prove to anyone but yourself. Just get out there and give it your all. Crossfit is the type of sport that the only person you need to beat is you. There’s always more work to be done but when you look back there is always so much thats been accomplished. I have said many times I wish someone had video’d my first WOD so I could see it now because the difference has got to be amazing! Then again if someone put a camera in my face on day one it may have terrified me.

      Just keep working to get stronger and the rest will come. Sounds like your knees are getting better every week and hopefully soon it will be a distant memory 🙂

  2. I’m 110% with ya. The open has brought me to some dark places, but some huge accomplishments as well. It’s so awesome to read of others also exceeding the own expectations they have of themselves.

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