14.3 Recap

Lets back up to Thursday afternoon for a minute.  Standing there with one of the gym girls we had this conversation:

MMC: Wathca hopin for tonight?
Me: Well Ashely and I go head to head so I’d pay big money for a heavy deadlift/deadlift ladder and box jumps.
MMC: DL ladder is unlikely…but good wishful thinking.

Fast forward 3 hours later to announcement: DL ladder and box jumps!!  14.3

I am pretty sure I looked like a cross between a kid on Christmas morning and someone who just won the lottery.  I was sitting on the rower starting to get warm and about peed myself from excitement.  All I kept saying is “THIS IS MY JAM!!”.  Seriously, who needs pre-workout with that kind of rush?! I am pretty sure I looked like this:

excited kid 1

Ashley and I were the two going head to head this week and we’d been talking about it all day.  Very special conversations but all in good fun.  So we got to it and busted it out!  Here is the video.   Feel free to check us out.  I started with no real plan (other then pick up some shit, and step on that box).  I knew step-ups would be faster which is why I was going to step.  How hard could it be? HA!  I was so happy when I started…see
IMG_5351 Then I got progressively a little less happy and a little more in pain…



Thats when the fun ended!  I ended with 106 reps, which is 16 reps into that 185 deadlift.  I was less then happy.  I had no game plan.  My back locked up on rep 3 of the 185’s.  Notice the serious arch in my back on the floor while attempting to lay flat…I was clearly in a real good place.


Logical thing to do?  Give my back 2 days off, go easy on Sunday, and re-do Monday.  Thankfully, one of our rockstar coaches and I strategized on Friday night for more hours then I care to admit.  I had a better weight stacking plan, a better overall game plan, and my back was feeling decent.  The agreement I had with myself and a certain someone who was overly concerned I was being stupid was that as soon as my form went to hell on the DL I would pull the plug and stop woding.

Well it didn’t go to hell.  I got back on the bar for the 185 DLs 40 seconds ahead of when I did it Thursday night and ended with 118 reps.  I was hell bent on getting through that set and back to that box and I got 3 box jumps.  I’ll take that all day!

IMG_5388See the form difference from the picture above.  Much better place this go around.  Lesson learned…have a plan.  I suspect this will be my best workout of the open and I am fine with that.  Those 12 extra reps bumped me a few hundred spots in the region and put me in the top 50%.  Secretly, Id really like to land there but its questionable at best.



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