14.4 Recap

Yeah yeah, I know…day late…dollar short.  Better late then never…right?  So 14.4 was announced and immediately I went to panic because of course I’ve strung like 2 toes to bar together every.  Here is what the WOD is:

14.4-Workout-DetailsSo my initial thoughts… rowing…great! Toes to bar…screwed.  I would be pumped if I got off toes to bar, because at that point I could crank wallballs and put up a decent score.  My plan was to WOD Friday with option of re-do on Monday.

I got up Friday morning and had been greeted with a nasty sinus issue.  As in I was a snot factory (sexy huh?), and I felt like crap, and couldn’t breathe.  I decided I would still do the WOD since if it got worse over the weekend I was totally screwed come Monday.

I got on the rower and it took me 3:30….I am a decent rower but not being able to breathe probably added a good 30 seconds onto this.  I got 3 toes to bar out of the gate.  WOOO!  There was hope.  Well, fast forward to my 16th rep and the worst thing ever started to happen…my hands were shot and starting to get baby tears.  Well, by rep 25 I looked like this (and I had already wiped a good amount of blood off by this pic)

image-3Holy hell people!  I have never torn and that shit sucks.  It hurt…water hurt…dumping peroxide hurt…digging out the skin that I embedded into my hand (because I refused to give up blood running everywhere or not) hurt!  Little to say I didn’t get to the wall.  I did get 41 toes to bar which I will take!

When I got up Saturday I was feeling better (ish), but my hands fully cleaned out hurt like a mother effer!  There were 3 clear and deep tears.

image-4Little to say re-doing 14.4 on Monday was not going to be an option.  I wanted to soooo bad.  The coaches talked me out of it because if it re tore open I was going to be screwed for 14.5.  So I took my 101 score, torn hands, and went home!

While, I don’t love I didn’t make it to the wall I got 41 toes to bar!  That is a first, certainly not a last!  Stubborn me will be re-doing this WOD in a  month or so.

**14.5 post coming in the next day I promise!**




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