14.5 Recap

Yes, the open is long over….this post has taken me a long time because I am pretty sure it scared me for life. We all knew it would be thrusters and burpees; however, we had no idea it would be 19 million of them.  I really believe Dave Castro is the spawn of satan.  I was determined to finish.  Here is the WOD:



I’ve heard of the metaphorical “pain cave” and I found it.  My burpees by mid way through looked like belly flops…it was bad like someone in the gym at one point yelled “Good plan!  Save your arms for the thrusters…”  It sucked.  It took me 30 minutes to get off the floor, I was white as a ghost, and felt like hell for 27, yes 27 hours.  I don’t know why this WOD attempted to kill me but it did a fine job.  Don’t believe me?  This is what I looked like right after….notice how pale and not red I am.



I was not in a good place.  Around midnight I turned bright red…it was like delayed onset death.  I ate paleo oatmeal for dinner because it took everything I had to stand up that long.  My time was 25:58.  Not good people…but I didn’t die.  Thats what the open is about is it not?  Pushing yourself, not dying, and finishing.  This is how I felt right before I peeled myself off the floor (only to go lay down on the turf at the gym) and I realized they were taking my picture.

IMG_5507Yup…I am classy.  Overall I finished around 62%.  Gives me something to beat next year.  Here are my rankings both in the region and world wide.

IMG_5591 IMG_5590

I will never, ever, ever do 14.5 again.  No matter what…mark my words!  What are you thoughts on the open?  Do you have any horror stories?  Successes?  Goals for next year?



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4 responses to “14.5 Recap

  1. Donna

    14.5 was awful. The worst wod I’ve ever done. I sprained my ankle a few months ago and that sucker flares up on me sometimes. Just so happened a few days before that wod. So jumping over the bar was out of the question but I did the wod anyway (stepping over the bar) just for our box competition. 28 min of pure hell. My brain told my body to go eff itself after the second set…and all I could think is “Will this EVER end?!” I couldn’t even finish work that day I had to go home at noon. But the next weekend we celebrated with a crawfish boil and I’m proud of myself for the whole open experience 😏

  2. Pukie McPukester

    “I will never, ever, ever do 14.5 again. No matter what…mark my words!”
    Haha, good luck this weekend with 16.5

    • I am 99.99999% sure I am not doing it. Nope…nope…nope. I still have nightmares of the last time and I was in much better shape. And come on Dave be more creative you make up very few WODs a year spring for some new ones.

  3. Pukie McPukester

    Just get through it and take it slow, no reason to not enter a score.. or do scaled..

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