Information Overload

I know I abandon ship again.  Apparently, I suck at this blogging thing…oh well, you’re still reading aren’t you?  Much love to those of you actually still around.  We are continuing to get settled in the house (read: I keep shoving more boxes in closets and pretend they are unpacked), I’ve oddly fallen in love with yard work so I spend 80% of my free time out meddling in the yard, the team competition is done and we rocked it, I’ve committed to competing again in just 5 weeks, I am supposed to be decorating the house, I’ve decided to re-do the guest bedroom (re-do = actually furnish and decorate).  How is that for a run on sentence?  Lets break some of this down shall we?

The competition was amazing.  I managed to pull my quad warming up for the sprint WOD, one of our guys possibly tore his calve during the sprint WOD, I got cut open 45 seconds into the first WOD with a wheelbarrow contraption thingy, we finished 3rd of 7 teams in our division.  I also had to do all 4 minutes in the AMRAMP WOD of single unders because of the calve injury … I got 436 singles in 4 minutes, after 4 min AMRAMP split time of snatches.  I’ll take that any day.  It was also our last WOD in the day so we were pretty beat.  We each then had a 1 minute row for calories to complete that WOD.  I was dead…the boys pushed me and it was great!  How much pain do I look like I am in?


The guys were amazing.  We had a BLAST and that is what we were going for.  I could not have asked for better teammates.   Of course we had amazing shirts made.  This was at the end of the day.

image-10How adorable are they?  Seriously, best teammates ever!  We also had an amazing support team of significant others and kids.  Yes, they too had matching shirts!  All together we had about 40 people from the gym there representing!  It was an amazing weekend.



Moving on…one of my requirements when we bought a house was that I wanted to grow a garden.  I planted this bad boy this weekend.  Lets see if it is successful.  Sun, water, repeat right?  How hard can that be?  (Note: I’ve killed bamboo many times….).  I started with plants in hopes that things would grow better that way.

image-7I also decided that the exterior of the house needed more color.  So in proper country fashion we got some Jack Daniels half whiskey barrels and I made them planters.


I also bought an inspirilizer.  Its the bomb!  Pretty much it takes about anything you can think of (zucchini, squash, sweet potato, whatever!) and makes it into pasta type noodles.  Check out this amazing blog to see what got me hooked!  I whipped up this dish and it was rockin’!



I’ll be competing next June 14th and 15th (yes, a 2 day’er).  Ill be doing individual this go around.  Someone send Xanax stat.  I am excited and it is on the beach so that has to add fun right?  We are hosting a competition at our box on August 8th and 9th.  Should be a blast…we’ve already been planning our asses off.  Live in NC or anywhere near us and want to come?  Hit me up!

It was my birthday!  My amazing friends threw me a great party at the gym.  I had 8 beers after not drinking in 4 months….bad news bears team!  I have the best friends inherited family in the world.  Here are some pictures from the day.  We did a tailgate theme, corn hole, grilling, beer, and fun for everyone!

Me under my Happy Birthday sign

The girls!

Michelle, Hubs, Me, JK, Amanda

Those shorts…a size 8.  I did a happy dance in the Old Navy dressing room when those bad boys buttoned up no problem.  In proper crossfitter fashion I also did some air squats.


I am about to re-do the guest bedroom.  Its currently empty; by empty I mean it has boxes in it.  My in-laws are coming Memorial Day and they will be needing somewhere to stay.  I’ve ordered furniture and started to get some decor.  I am planning to paint it next week so get ready for some updates on that front.  If hubs doesn’t kill me over it first!

Now for something either very exciting or horribly mortifying.  I asked our gym owner for a picture of the boys during the first 24 hour WOD sitting on wall balls at 3:59am.  He somehow found some really bad pictures of me from that weekend.  (Yes, we do a WOD an hour, every hour, on the hour, for 24 hours..its fun I promise!  There are 4 of us that have done it both years all the way and survived…3rd one coming in 2 weeks).  Like I almost cried when I say them because people I was fat.  I had NO idea how bad it was until I saw these pictures yesterday.  The pictures on the left are me in May of 2012, 6 months after starting Crossfit.  The ones on the right are yesterday May 2014.

(Please tell me again that crossfit makes girls bulky)

I am very proud of how far I have come.  I am thrilled that at 31 I am now wearing a size 8 (something I don’t think has happened since middle school).  I will never ever let myself get like the before pictures again.  There is probably a 35ish pound difference.  I know I was over 200 lbs in the befores (I stopped getting on the scale once it said 200) and I was 168.4 today.  I am a totally different shape.

One of the guys I work out with in the morning asked who Jimmy had posted pictures of on my Facebook wall.  I was like “immmm thats me”.  He didn’t believe me.  Then Joe said he wanted to see and I showed him those side by sides.  Joe just kept saying “holy shit girl!…that is amazing….Jesus…you’ve transformed…I am so proud of you…” then he’d give me a big giant Joe bear hug.  This occurred probably 8 times.  He about made me cry (don’t tell him that!).  I proceeded to go throw 120lbs above my head many times.  I am an avoider…what can I say.

How is that for a recap friends?!  Long, but I am making up for lost time.  I should be back now.  Things are settling.  Lots to come so saddle up!

Happy summer y’all.  Its been 80-90 here this week and I am loving it!  Get those booties in the gym, eat clean, and chug that water!  Tis’ the season of bikinis, shorts, and fun!





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