The scale is a number….I am steadily in the 160s (high 160s)…I’ll take that.  I’ve dumped a lot of inches.  Wanna see?

Right Arm – 14″
Right Thigh – 25.75″
Hips – 44″
Bust – 33.5″

Right Arm – 12.5″
Right Thigh – 23″
Hips – 36″
Bust – 31″

That is 8″ off my hips.  That is the difference in a size 16 to a size 8.  They are numbers.  My lifts are up, my WOD times are up.  I’ve PR’d a bunch in the last few months.  All things I’ve been proud of.  I love to lift heavy.  I love to work form.  “Meathead” WODs are my jam!  I am worse then some of the guys with my love affair with heavy weights.

Perfect example: hubs needed help moving a 600 pound mantle the other day and I was all “Lets do it!”.  The two of us moved it.  His immediate response “you’re much more helpful now that you crossfit….normally I need a guy to do that.” HA!  Thats a win.


I hate to run.  I dislike every step.  It is not fun for me.  I don’t like running 400’s, I sure as hell don’t like running a mile (or more).  Tuesdays WOD…1 mile for time.  I thought it was a joke.  My old mile PR was 10:03 in November.  I remembered it being a hard mile.  I remembered it sucking giant donkey balls.  I didn’t feel great.  I’d had dental work done that morning and had been working on the house all afternoon.  I opted to run backwards and not with the group (yeah, I know very un-crossfitty of me).  I was coming back up the hill towards the gym and could see one of our fast girls headed in.  All I could think was “HOLY SHIT!  She’s still running…maybe my time won’t suck”.  My goal was under 10..aka 9:59.  I got back into the gym and one of the guy coaches called time “7:56!”.  I was already on the ground…then I looked up and the clock said 8:15.  I had already been back.  I asked what my time was like 3 more times and didn’t believe them.

That is a 2:07 PR.  I ran a sub 8 minute mile.  Honestly, I could have burst into tears at that moment.  I thought Zack was going to tackle me.  He was all “see girl I knew you had that!”.  A sub 8 mile people.  I was the girl in gym class who couldn’t get under a 12 minute mile in high school.

When hubs got to the gym and I told him he was like “Holy shit!  Nice work!!”  That mile time is probably my most proud cfit moment.  I’ve lost weight, I can lift semi-heavy shit, I am in much better shape, I have more energy….I ran a sub 8 minute mile.  I honestly never believed that would happen.  Its amazing what some hard work and dedication does.  And no I haven’t been running that much extra at all.  All kind of came as a package deal.

I ran a sub 8 mile…someone call 16 year old me and let her know!



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