24 Hour Wod!

What?!  Thats right….every year the weekend before Memorial Day we do a 24 hour fundraiser.  We do a mini WOD, every hour, on the hour, for 24 hours.  Yes thats 24 WODs in 1 day.  We kick off Saturday at 9am and the last WOD is Sunday at 8am.  This year we raised money for KCCPR, a local puppy rescue.  They are the bomb and the first people hubs and I knew when we moved here almost 8 years ago.  Go check out their site, and amazing puppies.

We started this 3 years ago and have continued every since.  Since generally the WODs are short we’ve got a good amount of down time.  So we do all sorts of things.  Like grill, play corn hole, drink (yup….some drink), hang out, work on the gym (we finished remodeling the kids room this year), sleep, lift, WOD, play, etc.  Its so much fun and amazing bonding.  There are 4 of us standing having done all 24 WODs every year.


grilling some lunch!

This year the puppy rescue came to hang out and brought some real cute puppies!  It was like a puppy love fest between 5 puppies and Spud (the gym dog).

Because sometimes puppies need  a beer too!

And some WOD pictures, because you know that is kind of the point of this thing!
what this isn’t how you do push ups?


Yeah…..we worry about him too!  It was like 6am or something.


We also do sleep in short spurts throughout the night.  Really by the time you fall asleep you’ve got like 25-40 minutes to nap and get up and WOD again.  Sometimes we snuggle…

IMG_5853No that is not a real baby…its a doll!


Every year at 4am we do 50 wallballs.  Know how pretty your form is on wallballs at 4am, when you are 20 WODs into your day, sleep deprived, and slap happy….yeah pretty good.  We’ve taken this picture with whomever was there every year.  Don’t we look pumped?


People always come back to finish out the morning with the all nighters …. aka hubs who goes home to sleep.  This is the last picture of the morning before we all went home.


See how happy Spud looks we’ve been there all night with him?  He came over and plopped himself down right in the middle like he belonged…because he does.  This might be my favorite tradition of our gym.  Its so fun!  We are a pretty tight gym anyway but this defiantly forces some bonding!  Its awesome and Ill take a week of exhaustion and trying to catch up any day to keep doing this.  Also I am the sole standing girl who has made it every year!

Here is the board with all the WODs on it from the whole night.  Looks fun huh?





Does your gym have traditions?  What cool stuff do you do?  Share!!


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  1. That’s such a cool idea! Great job!

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