People who don’t know…

It feels like every other week someone is writing something bashing Crossfit and its going viral.  Heres the problem…they are uninformed fucktards who went to one box once and had a bad experience.  Ever eaten bad mexican food?  I bet you’ve eaten mexican food since then…one experience doesn’t determine how all things are.  Believing that makes you uninformed and ignorant for running your pie hole about things you know nothing about.


Have you see todays newest viral post?  I struggle with linking it but heck if you’re going to give facts mine as well give both sides (passive aggressive statement…yup!).  Here it is.  Yup, go ahead read it….if you know anything about Crossfit be warned it may give you a brain aneurism.


So one of my former students posted this and asked for thoughts (I was not out lecturing for fun)…I even put”You boys want my lecture on the unintelligence of this article now or later “Of course they requested it and more jumped in.  Keep in mind all of these guys were collegiate level athletes.  Here was my response to them (very polite and PC I thought):

“Ok heres my readers digest version….this is one guys experience clearly at a bad box with bad trainers. Everyone should have what is called a foundations class (or multiple…some cfits make you do a month of it) where they use nothing but a PVC pipe to teach you form/movements/etc. Any coach with half a brain would not put people who can’t do muscle ups in a WOD and having them try them. Everything is scaleable that is the point of crossfit. Deadlifts are the most functional movements you just need form and half a brain to do it. EX: picking up grocery bags off the floor, or carrying a bag of dog food in the house. Same exact movement and if you do that all hunched over you can hurt yourself just as easy.

Just like in sports there are good coaches and bad….clearly this is experience of bad coaching. Olympic/power lifts for time are in workouts yes….however they are scaled down weight and should never be your max. Any decent coach will work with you to scale weight, and anyone who is starting any workout routine (don’t care if its jazzercise) and isn’t comfortable should ask for help from someone. Perfect example relatively new girl at our gym today…we had power cleans in the workout, weight as prescribed was 75lbs for girls….know what she did? 15lb bar and the coach worked with her on form before hand and she had done it before and would have stopped her if she was at risk for injury.

This same stuff happens at big gyms, athletic facilities on campuses, everywhere. Know how many times in the wellness center at school someone had horrible form and ended up sore/hurt? Can happen anywhere. Any exercise routine should push you to be better, stronger, faster but never at the risk of injury. And I’d argue any decent crossfit coach, athletic coach, etc. would tell you the same thing.

Yup thats my short version…miss you guys!”

Then proceeded the private conversation with a former baseball player gone coach, who can have an intelligent conversation (not that all the guys in the other one couldn’t).  But lets all be honest here the guy in that article likely went in all “balls to the wall …. I am a BAMF….gimmie some heavy shit to lift because I can totally out lift that girl” and tried to deadlift stupid weight.  Or maybe he didn’t…maybe it was bad coaching…maybe he hit a bad day….maybe he spread the truth about his ability…who knows.

Know what I do know?

1. Crossfit has made me stronger, more confident, and happier then ever.
2. I don’t feel like a waste of space anymore.
3. I am smaller then I was in middle school.
4. I am healthier then I was when I starved on 1000 calories a day and ran on the treadmill constantly.
5. That Crossfit isn’t for everyone.
6. Not everything works for everyone.
7. If you are going to speak on a topic at least have the ability to be unbiased.
8. Sports teams have trainers everywhere; walk into a college training room and look at the athletes being treated before/after practice.
9. Crossfit has given me the only fitness routine I’ve ever stuck to.
10. Crossfit like any sport has injuries…its a risk.  You should listen to your body, it should be hard but it shouldn’t hurt you.

People need to know their limits, strengths, weaknesses and push themselves appropriately.  You need a plan, appropriate goals, a good coach, strong supports, etc.  Just like with anything else.  I can deadlift with the best of em’ generally speaking…my legs are my power house.  Overhead squats, HA!  Do you have any idea how many times I’ve tried different stuff to get better at these?  A million.  Know what weight I have restarted at a billion times?  PVC pipe.  I’ve been Crossfitting 2.5 years and I still use PVC pipe for form work; because I know my limits; because this is a weakness; because I am not an idiot.

And for another thought on the topic check out this article.  Bad Coaching Hurts 

And to further prove my point someone please tell me how the first picture is the better option?  How I clearly am hurting myself by cross fitting over time.  How challenging myself every day in the gym is bad for my health.  How getting off my ass has clearly done me wrong.


Final thoughts…haters gonna hate.  I am not saying everyone has to like or agree with Crossfit (or anything for that matter) but seriously get some good information before you go making 1 experience the rule and not the exception.



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  1. Amen to that! Now let’s go lift something.

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