Exciting News!

Exciting news on where I’ve been.  I finally decided after 2.5 years of Crossfit to go take my L1.  It was amazing!!  A good friend and I made the 5 hour and 15 minute haul up to Virginia for the weekend.  Everything was amazing.  We got there Friday evening in time to get a WOD in (are you surprised?  I hustled up to make sure we could workout!).  Our class all weekend was at Crossfit Hampton Roads so that is where we went to WOD.  They were fantastic and incredibly welcoming.   If you are ever in Yorktown, VA I highly recommend dropping in and getting your WOD on.


Our seminar staff was rocking.  There were 47 of us in the class and 8 of the staff.  Sadly, due to my excitement and absorbing as much information as possible I took no pictures.  Who does that?!  We did tons of movement stuff, 2 WODs, lots of PVC pipe work, and some good bonding with other people in the class.  Good fun!

The test was on Sunday.  People said it wasn’t “that hard”.  People are dirty liars!!  Lets just say neither of us after the test had any belief we passed.  They tell you 7 days until you get your test results.  Let me tell you they took all 7 days for us!  I got my results on the following Sunday at 10:36pm.  I am reasonably sure that gmail may thing I’ve developed a twitch due to the amount of reforesting I did that night.  Guess what?!



I am super excited to start working as a coach!  We are officially going to have a 9am class at the gym now. I am thrilled!!  So that is the new news for this week.


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