Competition Weekend

Yup…again!  Got talked into this one right after the one in April.  Good news: Its at the beach.  Bad news: its 2 days.  Good news: there is only 1 workout Sunday.  Bad news: there are only 5 girls in my division…no pressure right?  Heres the thing somehow I am pretty beat up currently.  Like I keep plowing into things and look like someone beat me.  Oh well!!



Here are the WODs for the weekend:

Saturday in this order for me:

Wod #1
9min Amrap
5 Deadlift (135)
7 lat burpee over the par
9 knees to elbows
**my issue will be knees to elbows….I’d be happy with 6 full rounds but we shall see!**

Wod #2
60 Single Unders
20 KB Swings #35
10 Burpee Box Jump Overs 20″
**I suspect this is my strongest WOD on the weekend, shooting for 6 min**

25 calorie row
15 power snatch #55
50m back rack carry #55
25m sprint
7 sand back up over wall (sandbag #25, wall 4’9″)
400m sprint
**yeah lots of running, and I suspect I take a dinger coming over that wall; lets hope I don’t break anything**

Sunday WOD
WOD #4
5 min
1 rep clean & jerk max
1min (immediately following)
max rep thrusters (each one gets you #2 extra on c&j weight)
**I can get 120 its my PR…125 or 130 I’d be stoked.  Thrusters are designed by satin himself**


I am excited about this one because it’ll be fun, and maybe a little badass.  Nothing crazy and super low key.  It is me and 2 of the guys from our gym doing individual.  We know some other great friends competing and a handful coming down to support.

Today will be spent low key by the pool or beach getting my tan on.  Hubs is headed out with the non-competing people on a casino cruise.  Dinner, mindless tv, and bed for this girl.  I plan to be headed to the site by 7am after a good breakfast.  Saturday, I anticipate early to bed because I have to lift heavy shit on Sunday.  Then we head back home to NC.

Be sure to scope instagram for updates and pics from the comp.  Its on the beach and combined with a bunch of stuff (beer festival, bikini contest, volleyball competition, keg throwing, ya know the usual!).  If you are in the Myrtle Beach area you should check it out!

kickass take names


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