Competition Recap

Because we all know it takes me a few days to wrap my mind around what went down at a competition.  Did you miss the pre-competition post?  Find it here.  This was my first 2 day comp.  2 days…4 wods…how bad could that be?  Well washing my hair was an issue because my arms didn’t move (oh and my hands looked like someone cheese grated them).  However, it was probably the most fun, high energy, cool location competition I’ve done yet.  I suspect you will see us back there next year in a bigger crowd.

We got to hang out with some old friends and make lots of new friends!  Day 1 was long.  I managed to over sleep by 45 minutes (not good when your job is wake up the people).  Then we went to the wrong place (30 minutes out of the way).  Good thing we had built in a lot of time.  First up was the DL, burpee, knee to triceps.  My hands tore on the 2nd round.  The bars were real skinny and real slippery.  This was the only WOD all weekend I had a shirt on for.  It was too dang hot!

IMG_6042Holy not engaged at all!!

Yup, real cool….don’t worry I continue my streak of first person to 1st aid.  And by 1st aid on this occasion I mean I found some fire fighters on a golf cart who were like “EEWWWW!”.  I just wanted some peroxide or something.  Upon asking if they had scissors to cut the skin off they were officially freaked out.  They didn’t have any….I ripped it off.  Blood, freaking out fire fighters, and a lot of sweat and it wasn’t even 9am!  I think thats a productive day.

IMG_6041Bdawg taping up my hand…laughing…we are unsure if I am laughing or crying!

I completed decent all day.  Steadily finishing well on everything but the first WOD.  The obstacle course I was real worried about the wall.  Then they announced an 8 minute time cap.  The run at the end counted for 1 rep so I decided if I didn’t have at least 2 minutes left I wasn’t gonna run.  Well, I didn’t ask.  The wall wasn’t an issue.  I was the slowest on the snatches.  I completed the 400 with one of our guys running with me (he’s a rockstar, and a coach, and a great friend!).  Hubs was yelling that I had 14 seconds under the time cap left with about 50m left.  I dead sprinted.  He lied!  I finished in 7:03.


I was in 5th at the end of day 1.  So if I did decent on my lift I would make finals.  I PR’d by 5lbs and finished 3rd on the clean & jerk.  Thus, I made finals.  Know whats the worst reward ever?  More working out!  The final WOD was a beast.

9min AMRAP (if you finish you start again)
21 reps
Power Clean #96/65
Ring push ups
15 reps
Pull up
9 reps
Power snatch #95/55
OHS #95/55
3 reps
Chest to Bar

Know what I’ve never done?  Ring push ups.  Know what sucks giant sweaty old man balls?  Ring push ups.  I think I got no repped on the first 12-14.  It was a hot mess.  I would attempt, fail, fall to my knees, attempt, fail, yell at the rings, attempt…well you get it.  Meanwhile, the mats were so hot (did I mention it was 90-100 all weekend?) it legit burned a hole in my knee; the sweat was running in my eyes I was pretty much blind until someone threw me a towel.  I managed to finish them and get 12 thrusters.  Ill take that.  Then I immediately stumbled to the grass delusional.  Attempted to drink water and proceeded to projectile vomit it up and then dry heave over a fence for 5 minutes.  I’m that cool and sexy…don’t forget sexy.

One of the guys we are friends with afterwards who used to workout with us said “Girl…I knew you were a stubborn ass but that was a whole new level.  There is seriously no quit in you…impressive performance and you should be proud of yourself.”  He waited till I was done dry heaving to share that info.  I finished 5th overall.


I had a blast!  Then we ate…and boy did I eat.  I always do after competition.  Want to feel better about a bad eating day?  After the competition I inhaled 5 pieces of pizza (white pizza with tomatoes!), then had a turkey burger with fried onions and the bun, sweet potato fries, ice cream, and fudge.  It was delish.  As of Monday am back to paleo.  Its called a treat people not a binge life style.  Sometimes you gotta do it!

My final picture was during thrusters in the final wod.  I actually like this picture of me (which is rare!)




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