Whats your secret?

I swear if 1 more person asks me this question I may blow my brains out.  Know what my secret is not?
1. magic pills
2. laziness
3. secret formula
4. any XYZ clense
5. meal supplements/replacements
6 . fad diets
7. obsessing over what works for other people

Know what my “secret” is?
1. hard work
2. dedication
3. showing up no matter how much you don’t feel like it
4. not eating processed shit
5. saying no to things I know aren’t good for me even though they may be tasty or fun
6. generally staying off the damn scale and not making myself crazy over it
7. sometimes eating whatever the hell I want

People the picture on the right is Sept 1, 2013 the one on the left is June 21, 2014 (plus some awesome eye candy).  That is 9.5 months of work, eating paleo, dedication, and getting my ass into the gym whether I wanted to or not.

IMG_6088Know what the actual pound difference is there?  About 16.  Looks like a hell of a lot more does it not?  Well its a bunch of inches.  Today is about the 1 year mark of really tracking inches.  I finally figured out I’ve been dropping weight and inches seriously for about 6 months now…time to keep going because there is always work to be done.  Lets compare:

June 24, 2013
r arm: 14″
r thigh: 25.75:
hips: 44″
bust: 33.5″
weight – 195

June 25, 2014
r arm: 12.5″
r thigh: 23.5:
hips: 35″
bust: 30.75″
weight – 167.8

r arm: 1.5″
r thigh: 2.25:
hips: 9″
bust: 2.25″
total inches: 15″
weight – 27.2 lb

And I expect my arms and legs will get bigger but its a totally different bigger.  Muscle vs. fat and I am ok with that.  I’d love to be in the low 160s to 155 but if I don’t get there its cool (for now!).  I’ve PR’d pretty much every lift and then some in the last 6 months.  My mile time is down over 2 minutes.  That is the good stuff people.

Ill be the first one to tell you I always wanted to know the “secret”.  I’ve finally learned at 31 there is no secret.  You name it I tried it…it didn’t work.  I seriously started consistently eating well (for me thats paleo); was honest with myself about my eating and not sneaking in “just 1 little treat”; I got a tape measure and tracked progress that way; and I got my ass in the gym no matter what.  I stuck to it…I didn’t expect results over night…and it is working.


Its a matter of what you want more…I was sick of being the fat girl.  Honestly, when I look at me in the mirror I still see bigger me a lot of the time.  I know I don’t look like that anymore, but its often what I see.  Then I see pictures and I am like “holy shit who’s that girl?!”.  Yup its me!  I’ve still got lots more goals to accomplish and they will come.  Slow and steady wins the race.  This is the first time I’ve ever not piled weight back on and its been fabulous.

So what do you want?  Are you ready to be serious and do what its really gonna take?  No excuses?  Yes, I know the house needs to be cleaned, the kids need to be driven somewhere, dinner needs to be made, you have to work, blah blah blah.  You’ve got to make the time.  Figure it out what ever it is for you.  Commit people thats all it takes.  Get through the door (the gym door, the grocery store door and make good decisions, your house door, whatever).

paleo hard



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