The time we moved into the gym!

Life as always is totally crazy around here.  During games week our gym owner was out in CA to watch them (lucky bastard).  So we decided to remodel the office at the gym.  To be honest it was kind of a shit hole.  The floor was carpet and covered in pre-working that had exploded out of shaker bottles, it was disorganized, and so much more.  See?!

10501891_10101451301801717_9076126154240280900_n-2 10552524_10101451301487347_8629624890568193226_n

I am reasonably sure we give Ty Pennington a run for his money.  We did demo on Wednesday (tore down that wood paneling, ripped out carpet, organized cabinets, moved everything out, etc.). Then came paint, new floors, decorating, frames, hanging things up, etc.  By some miracle we finished Saturday night (aka 130am).  Everyone had a blast doing it but we were legit living in the gym 12-18 hours a day.  It was a blast.  Generally, it was the coaches and significant others and we did it all ourselves.  Thankfully, hubs is a former painter and another coach used to do floors.  Who knew!?

IMG_6310New accent wall

Custom made sign that lights up and blinks to the beat of the music

Meet me at the bar” which leads into the lift room

Newly painted fridge with gym decal!

Jimmy and Glassman at the games (thank god for social media we had this done minutes after it was shot!)

Collage of the work in progress

he boys sweeping up and finishing cleaning

IMG_6321Hubs installing cabinet handles with one of the coaches kids

It was a lot of work but totally worth it when Jimmy our owner got back and just stood there going “Holy shit y’all! This is amazing.”  Did I mention we didn’t tell him and just hoped he’d be ok with it!?  So that project wrapped up and we jumped immediately into finishing preparation for our annual competition which has doubled in size.  

We run a 2 day comp (1 day of individuals, and 1 day of teams) that goes to benefit a local puppy rescue.  It was this past weekend and went off without a hitch!  We had 98 competitors and 3 times as many spectators.  Until you’ve run a competition you have NO idea how much work it is.  We received a TON of compliments and had vendors who were shocked that as a small gym were were able to do everything in house (organizing, judging, volunteers, all of it!).  Sponsors, shirts, heat schedules, wods, cleaning, and so much more.  We pretty much worked around the clock the days leading up to it.  We asked the boys to start cleaning up before we got there and this is what I found…

IMG_6375 IMG_6376

Clearly we meant clean outside too.  Who doesn’t love a 6’4″ ginger vacuuming the outdoor turf?  Too funny.  We don’t have a ton of pictures from the comp yet but here are a few of people busting it!  

wods for dogs 8We tuckered Tommy out..
wods for dogs 7 Some female winners!wods for dogs 6Jimmy announcing and me being an idiot
wods for dogs 5Some amazing team competitors hanging out
wods for dogs 4 Spud chilling with his “Wods for Dogs” shirt onwods for dogs 3 Ashley and I having a “very important” meeting!wods for dogs 2The start of day 1
wods for dogsA collage of some people during the comp (I stole it from FB)

We were able to raise a ton of money for the puppy rescue.  They are a local origination and it is where we got Lady (our pooch) from.  Bill and Liz run it completely from their home and work off donations.  They have truly given their lives to the cause.  Check out their site here.  

Now that I have moved back out of the gym lots of new and exciting things to come on the blog.  Get ready for some exciting changes and twists and turns around here.  


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