Big Announcement!

Yup!  I went MIA again.  Someone be shocked.  I swear I have a good reason this time.  I generally have a big mouth and am pretty bad at secrets and there was no way not to write about this fun one and other things so I took a hiatus.  I’ve been busy growing a human!  We are super excited.  I am 14 weeks and 4 days as of today.  Everyone is happy (well now that I don’t throw up all day) and healthy (what really matters).

I wanted a really fun way to tell the gym since they are pretty much our family down here.  After our first ultra sound I wore this shirt to the gym.  It took the first person 57 minutes to notice and ask.  I didn’t say we were observant!  Then there was mass excitement and I felt bad for the people trying to lift.



Our families are thrilled we called them up north and spilled the beans.  It will be the first grand child on either side so imagine the crazy!

I will admit I spent most of the first trimester (until about 10 weeks) eating anything I could hold down which was not paleo.  I ate nothing but scrambled eggs and blueberry muffins for at least 6 weeks.  Oops!  I am happy to report I am back on paleo track!  And between being sick and continuing to WOD my weight is under control!

Lets cover the commonly asked questions:

Q: Are you still going to crossfit and does your doctor know?
A: HELL YES!!  And yes he does.  He is super supportive of it and was like “girl you go with your bad self…that crossfit stuff is crazy!”  Seriously though if you were doing it before you were pregnant you can do it during pregnancy.  Do I suspect I will be PR’ing anytime soon — unlikely.  Am I going to WOD as long as I can and alter movement as needed…yup!  I’ve had some very new frustrations but that deserves a whole post of its own.

Q: Do the cat and dog know?
A: You bet your ass they do.  They have been stuck to me like glue.  I swear Lady (dog) knew before I even turned a pregnancy test.  When I am home she rarely leaves my side and puts her head on my stomach all the time.  Phoebe (cat) is the same way.  I can’t wait till the baby kicks her back for laying on me.  This picture pretty much explains the relationship the dog and baby already have:



Q: Will you keep working?
A: Yes.  I will take some time after the baby then go back to the office part-part time and work the rest from home.

Q: When are you due?
A: April 19, 2015.

Q: Is paleo safe for babies?
A: Yes.  Actually if you don’t pass your gestational diabetes test they put you on pretty close to the paleo diet.  I am not being nearly as strict as before, because heck sometimes the baby wants a cracker.  I am shooting generally for 80/20 break.  I am still staying at my old calorie intakes (1600 on off days, and 2000 on WOD days), and the doctor said that is fine.  If I don’t gain some weight then Ill up it about 300 calories.  Good food = good for baby!

Q: Will you find out the sex?
A: Yes!  In late November.

I think that generally answers all the basics.  I am sort of starting to show but really just look chunky currently.  Its awesome….NOT!  The blog will continue to exist.  It will still talk paleo, crossfit, and now some baby stuff as related to those.

That about covers my fun updates.  I look forward to sharing this journey on here.  Have you crossfitted through a pregnancy?  Did you start after?  When you have kids will you crossfit still?  Spill!  I’ll take any thoughts and advice you’ve got!

I promise more updates and fun things  now that the beans have been spilled.



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