Slacker status!

Put me down for slacker status!  I don’t know how its already been 2 months.  Can I blame that I’ve been busy growing this human?  I’ve got a bunch of random updates for ya!

Lets start with the important stuff.  Crossfit!  I am still crossfitting.  I’ve scaled some weights but generally carrying on as usual at 25 weeks.  My times are definitely slower (see diet update below), and there are days when I get super frustrated because my body won’t do things it used to.  Honestly, squats have been my biggest issue.  I’ve got some pelvic soreness and I am way forward thanks to gravity (and boobs that have shown up).  Pull ups have also gotten real tough.  I am doing them as skill work and using a thin band for WODs.  I am also still coaching my regular 5 days a week and lots of our people are gearing up for a competition in January.  It’ll be my first year not competing there since I started crossfit…that will be for next year.

Diet — well there is train wrecks and that is the best descriptor of what I can say it is.  Pregnancy and paleo have not gotten along well.  The baby seems to HATE meat.  Read: I eat it, it hits my stomach, it comes right back.  The later in the day the worse it is.  I’m very guilt of hitting some of my old pre-paleo favs…complex carbs, mostly in the form of bagels.  I am trying to cut that crap out again now; better late then never right?!  And let me tell you me, the strictness of the paleo around this place once baby is here will challenge that of the rules of a nun in Catholic school.  Anywho, we will be cleaning things up around here.  I can also say when the crash and burn has happened its been pretty gluten free still so at least I can get some food in me.  I am up about 12-15lbs total which is pretty good at 25 weeks.  So I will take that and continue to combat the love handles brought to you by diet.  This again proves its 90% in the kitchen and 10% in the gym.

Baby – is a boy!  His name will be Anthony.  I can’t believe 25 weeks have already gone by and there are just 15 weeks to go!  Overall I’ve been lucky and have had a pretty easy pregnancy.  I generally feel good (minus acid reflux and some pelvic pressure).  Our amazingly generous families purchased all the big stuff we need for Christmas (nursery furniture, pack n’ play, stroller, car seat, etc.).  My house now looks like Babies R Us threw up in here.  We have started the nursery and I can’t wait to post update pictures.  We are doing lots from scratch and it is coming along nicely.

Goals – I am not a big one for resolutions, mostly because I think they are crap.  But I’ve set a few goals for 2015.
1.  Clean up our diets around here effective now!  Go back to strict paleo after baby is here.
2.  Get back in the gym (if all goes well) in 4-6 weeks after he arrives.
3.  Have a healthy baby boy! (The most important).
4.  Compete again in October and have dropped all the baby weight by then.
5.  Learn to ask for help when I need it especially after Anthony is here.
6. Update here more (isn’t this always on my list?).  The goal is once a week at least.

What are your resolutions/goals for 2015? Are you competing anytime soon?  Doing the open?  Tell me whats up!


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