Remember all that cool stuff I used to be able to do?  You know like doubleunders, flip upside down and rock out some handstand push ups, pull ups.  All that stuff I busted my ass to get.  Spent hours practicing and fighting through whip marks, falling on my head, and torn hands….yup well most of it is sad these days and that is frustrating.

Let me be clear in saying that yes, I am aware I am 29+ weeks pregnant!  I am still crossfitting on my regular rotation of 3 on 1 off.  However, I can’t lie to you and say that there are days when I don’t want to throw things across the gym and give up until after this baby comes out because I feel like all the progress I’ve made has been shot to hell in a hand basket.  Dramatic?  Yeah probably.  After days like today I feel about like this regarding the gym:

Because well I am classy like that.  So todays workout was:

5 rft

20 box jumps
20 back squat #95/65
20 push press #95/65
20 sit ups

Long…yes!  Gonna suck…yes!  I decided to scale to #55 because squats are tough with my hips continuing to widen.  Well post round 2 I thought I was gonna hit the floor.  Not like the normal “crossfit sucks and I wanna quit” but went ice cold, things went black and the room was spinning I may fall out right here.  I decided to call it quits mid-round 3.  That makes me feel like a quitter.  Yes, it was the right call.  There is no need at 7+ months pregnant to get to that point in a workout and I am not about to risk the health of the baby.  So for the first time in 3 years of crossfit I didn’t finish the WOD.  I then sat there for a good while and fought busting into tears (and I am not a crier).  I didn’t want to cry because I was sad but because I was frustrated.  Then I had to take a step back and remember that I am 7+ months pregnant and still crossfitting.  Clearly, I need to cut myself some slack.

Do you know what?  Tomorrow is another day.  Its day 3 in the cycle.  I will eat something before I go in the morning.  I will drink more water tonight.  I will get in there and kick ass as much as my pregnant self can.  Do you know why?  Because I owe it to myself and this baby to be as healthy as possible.  Because labor is gonna suck worse then most WODs (maybe all WODs but that will be determined later).  Because I want Baby R to go to school one day and be this kid:

In happier news I had my 28 week appointment last week.  I’ve gained a total of 20 lbs and am measuring right on track to slightly ahead.  The doc was impressed at my abs (seriously, nobody has ever been impressed by them), this made me smile…I just laughed and said “I crossfit”.  They want me to gain around 11 more before the end of this and I am good with that.  I don’t necessarily look like I have gained 20 lbs and it is mostly baby (yup, I’ve eaten non-paleo….shit happens and that is clear based on the potential of love handles coming back).

We have started birth classes and I have found them to be super helpful and interesting.  More to come in that department later.  The nursery is coming along fantastically and Hubs has done an amazing job in there.  Also my amazing friend who is super talented has been making lots of cool things for Baby R and I’ve managed to talk her into opening a shop on Etsy.  So if you know someone who is pregnant or has kids/babies and need some awesome custom stuff check it out here.  We are still working to get everything up and going on there so check back regularly.

How do you deal with gym frustration?  What are your mental barriers?


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