100 Happy Days

So about 97 days ago I enlisted in this project called “100 Happy Days” on Instagram.  Pretty much you post a picture every day for 100 days of something that day that made you happy. It looked and sounded pretty fun, and I figured heck its 1 picture a day for 100 days.  Its actually turned out to be a pretty cool project and I’ve had some good fun with it.

Logo from #100happydaysd

You can find the website here.  They did some “research” (I am not one to tell you the reliability and validity of it) and people reported all sorts of cool things.  Increased happiness, being in a better mood, etc.  Oddly, 71% of people failed at the challenge (didn’t make it all 100 days).  I think I missed one day, realized it, and posted at 2am the following day along with the post for that day.

I encourage you to give this project a try.  I will say it did make me reflect even if for a moment or two of the things in my life I am incredibly thankful for.  Scope it out on instagram.  My user name is screwthescale1. You can also search #100happydays and see all sorts of ones from people which is really cool too.

I am almost bummed this project is about to end and I may do it again once Baby R gets here.  I’ve also thought of doing 100 days of him, or something of the like.  Social networking is such a cool thing sometimes!

In other things, have you signed up for the open?

Yes?!  Good for you!!  No??? Why the heck not?!  You should get to it immediately.  Thursday is the release of the first WOD.  Its a great way to challenge and push yourself; not to mention see where you stack up.


The nursery is getting close to done so look for a post on that soon.  Other upcoming posts will include: my new etsy shop (which has taken up some good time), food on the run, food planning for the first month when baby R arrives, labor and delivery plan, and some other good stuff!

Seriously, sign up for the open!!  Do #100happydays!  Have some fun!



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