Nursery and Maternity Pics

This one is going to be picture heavy so get ready!  I figured I would put the almost completed nursery post and my maternity picture shoot in one post.  (Note I say almost completed because I still haven’t finished his quilt — seems like a good project for this upcoming weekend assuming I am not having him).  Thus, get ready for some picture vomit.

Once we found out we were having a boy the nursery theme debate was on.  DH likes more of a kid theme and I wanted something that didn’t scream baby, that we would end up re-doing in a few years.  He likes very classic traditional things, and I am more of a shapes, colors, and lines kinda gal.  We ultimately decided on what I call a “subtle nautical theme”.  I didn’t want it full of cartoony boats and such but we both were on board with nautical (see what I did there…ha!).

We also decided to pretty much gut the room and start from scratch.  Since we’ve moved into the house the room to become the nursery has sat empty.  It was painted a grey/blue color I hated, the people who lived here before us just painted around where they had book shelves, and it had carpet that was pretty nasty.  See before pictures:

image3 image2

image1 image4

Not real pretty thats for sure!  So we ripped out the carpets with the help of my Dad when they were down here in October.  In January DH and I spent more weekends then I care to acknowledge putting in new hardwood floors.  2.5″ boards at a time.  He did most of the hard work and I was master of the saw.  Lesson learned: laying hardwood floor sucks.

I also couldn’t find wall art I liked.  Solution…make it all.  We were gifted a glider which is amazing because those bad boys aren’t cheap.  However, it didn’t match anything.  Solution…sand, strip, stain, recover.  The curtains I liked were $180 bucks…hell to the no!  Solution…learn to make curtains (this cost me $32 to make black out curtains).  See how the projects kept piling up?  Thankfully, we have some amazing friends who helped us get all these things done.  I can’t tell you how many craft weekends, building nights, and assembly days we had.  Pretty much everything in the nursery is custom done by us or someone we know with the exception of the big furniture which our families gave us for Christmas.  We also re-used lots of awesome things from my baby shower as room decor.

image6Shot from the doorway of the whole room.


Awesome wall art that is custom done after some serious trial and error.  Its exactly what I wanted.  I have a very talented friend who created this.  Once we get our etsy shop opened up it will be available for people to place custom orders!


I wanted to pull different fabrics from the room into one space so I came up with these.  Hubs stained the letters to match all the wood in the room.  Easy project!  Also will be available on etsy once we are up and running.


Toy box we ordered and then created a slip cover for the cushions I bought.  It matches the glider fabric.


The refinished glider, curtains, and custom made alphabet.  “AMR” are in red because those are his initials.  Again, an easy project I did because I refused to pay $200 for it off the internet.  I think it cost me around $40 for the letters and some paint (plus lots of time).


The book wall.  This is probably my favorite thing in the whole room.  I love books and always have.  Its the first thing I bought for him (books).  I wanted to display them some fun way.  Logistically in the room there was no good way to get full book shelves in there.  I convinced Hubs to build these “shelves” in the wall on the white stripes.  It literally looks like they are floating.  He painted and installed them with the help of another amazing friend.  I adore them more then anything!  This was Hubs’ last project in the nursery (after I kept dreaming up more for him to do).

(All the rest of the pictures in this post were taken by my amazing friend and photographer.)


Cute little boat from my shower.  In it we put the spoon and fork with Anthony’s name on it he gave me for Christmas.


Life preserver that was signed by everyone at my shower.  Makes for great wall decor.


Hubs got this little skyline nicknack from the airport on one of our trips to Boston.


Corner shelves, with more decor from the shower.


His closet all sorted and ready to go.  I made the hangers to sort by size very early in my pregnancy, and they are gender neutral.  I dig them.  I am going to label the baskets as well.

So if he were to show up tomorrow (which I would be totally fine with) we have things ready for him.  We’ve also put the pack n’ play in our room where I plan to have him sleep for the first 4 weeks or so.  I also have a rocking chair in there.  And lets be clear at 39 weeks and 2 days he is welcome to join us anytime!

Now for part 2 of this post.  It took me a long time before I was “obviously” pregnant.  Read: I was probably 7ish months before it was clear.  I had originally scheduled my maternity shoot for 33 weeks.  Then had to postpone because I didn’t look pregnant enough and didn’t want to just look chunky.


33ish weeks

I moved them to 35 weeks…yup still questionably pregnant.  Again, I wanted it to be obvious.  36 weeks…same problem.

image1-2  image4-2

At 37 weeks it was pretty much do or die time.  I didn’t want to keep waiting to get bigger in case he decided to make an appearance early (clearly, he will not be).  Thankfully, Paige is a good friend so my constant re-scheduling didn’t seem to make her totally nuts.  As an aside if you are in the Charlotte area and need pictures for anything I beyond recommend her.  She is amazing!  Check her out here.

We decided to do some quick shots in the nursery, some at the gym obviously, and then some down on a friends land.  This took some convincing to get Hubs to give in to this but he did.  The results are amazing!  Here are just some of my favorites (she gave me 117 pictures…its a lot to pick from).


Because all babies need this book.  My awesome cousins got it.


“Make Way For Ducklings” a Boston must have even though we live in the south.

DSC_3801 DSC_3816

Does she look pathetic?  So many funny captions to be done here.

DSC_3826 DSC_3832 DSC_3845 DSC_3921 DSC_3939 DSC_3985 DSC_4012 DSC_4032 DSC_4048 DSC_4055

“Do something funny”…this is what he came up with.

DSC_4078 DSC_4086 DSC_4101

I am in love with them all!  I am pretty sure I am going to get the one with the water behind us printed on a canvas for the house.  So many decisions.  Paige is truly amazing, as I usually hate all pictures of myself.  I can’t wait to see the newborn pictures of Anthony she is going to do.

Post coming up soon: working out pregnant and scaling, birth plans, and hopefully a post on the arrival of little man!


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