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I often get asked things about how I eat and paleo.  My sister has decided to make the jump to the paleo lifestyle and I am helping her set up for a 6 weeks strict challenge.  There is TONS of information out on the internet — some which is amazing and some which is total crap.  I composed this email for her regarding quick tips and tricks and thought it may be helpful to share here.  I’ve got her doing paleo with a 40/30/30 break on carbs, fat, protein with a little swing room with carbs and protein.

My sister has always been a streaky “dieter” and very much comes from the low cal/low fat train of though.  This essentially boils down to chemicals and no consistency long term; we all know this is about “can’t” which makes you want even more.  Did I mention she also started crossfit after being here to see the baby and me taking her.

The email:

“When grocery shopping/determining if food is paleo ask yourself the following:

1. Can I say all the ingredients?  If no then put it back.
2. Are there more then 5 ingredients? If yes put it back.
3. Does it grow and can it be eaten right from the plant? (Wheat grows but has to be processed before eating; squash grows and wont make you sick to eat it raw).
4. Did it have a face before being packaged? If it did then you can eat it.  Turkey slices came from the turkey which has a face; Tofurkey did not.
5.  If you can’t figure it out this way see the chart I sent you.
Stop with the low fat/fat free stuff.  Anything that says this was chemically enhanced to be that way.
You don’t want any chemicals.  No dairy, gluten, sugar (cane sugar, sucrose, cane juice, any other code the packaging uses to hide sugar)
EAT!  EAT EAT EAT!  Hit your calories every day.  Be more worried about going over some vs being under.  Keep your calories coming from the percent they should be (30% fat, 30-35% protein, 35-40% carbs).  When in doubt eat more.
DRINK!  DRINK DRINK DRINK!  There is no such thing as too much water.  If you need some extra flavor in there add in fruit, mint leaves, etc.  Do not use sweeteners, those stupid packets, etc.  You need a MINIMUM of 8 – 8oz glasses of water a day but shoot for double that.
Meal planning is important.  I used to do a spread sheet every week; write down every lunch and dinner then shop for the ingredients.  Pick up extras for snacks.  I did bacon and eggs every day for breakfast so I always got that.
Once you get comfortable make some new things — try them even if you “don’t like them”.  Look up paleo recipes online.  Make sure they are paleo — run the ingredients through the questions; just because its on the web doesn’t mean its right people put crap up all the time and call it paleo and it isn’t.
Ways to bump up carbs: veggies, fruits, lara bars (this generally wont be your problem)
Ways to bump up protein: meat (eat 4oz of left overs), deli meat for a snack, hard boiled eggs for a snack, left overs from dinner make for good snacks, every meal should have 8oz of protein (except breakfast if you don’t want to eat meat then — eggs and bacon will do, do not just do a lara bar and call it breakfast), every snack should have at least 4oz of protein.  Throw back a protein shake after you workout.  Protein shakes are NOT meal replacements.
Ways to bump up fats: avocado (its the bomb diggity try to like it, also a great add to salads), hard boiled eggs, almond butter, nuts (NOT peanuts).
This should give you the gist.  Read the interwebs but be cautious of what is out there — anyone can write a blog.  I could write that double chocolate cake is paleo it doesn’t mean it is.”
Once she has her 6 weeks under her belt we will work on desserts, and tasty treats and things that are still paleo.  (She reads this so my cover is blown and she’s going to ask before that I know she is.)
Lots of this information can be found in the about section in here or by scoping some old posts.  I am back using MFP officially to track things and hopefully keep the breast feeding journey on the right track while working to get some of those muscles back.  I am also thinking of adding a lifting plan; I am planning to use Cataylst Athletics 12 week program which can be found here.  I need to remax everything because they are way down so that is on the list for this week.  Fingers crossed little man cooperates and lets me lift and WOD like a beast.
Also here is my 40 week pic and 2 weeks postpartum.  I don’t know how it has already been 2 months.
And my goal to get back to my after picture:

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