Yes I did that “z” on purpose…I hear all the cool kids are doing it that way.  So post baby I lost a lot of strength (but he was totally worth it).  I decided I wanted to get back to lifting heavy and getting my olympic lifts better.  I figured a lifting program was the best way to do this.  I didn’t want to be that girl who people wondered if I even lifted so a solution had to be created.  Also, when I go for my USAW cert I didn’t want to be that girl who couldn’t throw some weights around.

When I started looking at and asking around about programs I had a few requirements:
– I had to be able to do it in less then 45 minutes a day (I can only spend so much time in the gym with a 9 week old baby).
– It had to be crossfit compatible (I want to still WOD and not be totally beaten to hell) and the design of the program had to work with that
– Focus in olympic lifts with some additional dynamic (I didn’t want to do nothing but clean and snatch all day, give a girl some squats).
– No more then 5 days a week in the program and no more then 16 weeks.

So clearly that didn’t leave many options.  I did some research and asking around and decided to use a Catalyst Athletics program.  They have a bunch of programs for anything from beginners to advanced lifters.  They also have amazing demonstrations of every movement, answer questions quickly, video demos, and easily downloadable excel sheets that does all the math for you.  This was perfect for my lazy self!  Then I just had to pick a program.

I landed on the 12 week traditional program.  It had everything I wanted and a good mix of lifts.  The not so fun part was re-maxing everything because I know my old maxes are junk.  I know my squats aren’t great because my hips have relocated what feels like half way around my body (damn baby having).

My maxes are:
Power snatch: 85
Squat clean: 110
Jerk: 100
DL: 255 (sad from 305)
Press: 75
BS: 145 (was 175)
FS: 155 (was 175)
OHS: 80

Today was day 2 and I am really digging it.  I can’t wait to be lifting real heavy again.  Slow and steady on this one.  Don’t be afraid to lift heavy.  You will not get bulky I promise (unless you decide to shoot roads into your body…which I don’t suggest), it will tone everything up, lean you out, and you will start to notice good changes quick!  Anyone who tells you otherwise is just afraid of you!

Now to really start tracking again I need to re-measure myself.  What are you goals?  What are you working on?  Tell me about it!


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